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Newsletter For August 11, 2008

Volume 3 Issue 14

Good morning...

We've had a busy week capturing photos for you to view... Hootie and the Blowfish, Hippiefest in Atlanta and the legendary Crosby Stills and Nash (THAT one was a walk through time!). We also have new articles, interviews and CD reviews for you to check out.
Here's a question for you... Where could you find a bunch of hippies last weekend? What's a PRO and how does it affect songwriters and artists? Who's "Running The Show" these days? To find out, log on to Music News Nashville and visit the online newsletter or go to the magazine website.
If you visit the CLUB LISTING page under Showcases and Events and see a club that either no longer exists or know of one that isn't listed, please send me that information.
For the latest full issue of Music News Nashville with links to articles, photos and more, CLICK HERE (
To go directly to the website for the full magazine including all archives, visit Music News Nashville (

We hope you've had a great weekend and a fantastic week coming up.
All the best...


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