From: efolkMusic CEO Chris Frank [news_at_efolkmusic_dot_org]
Sent: 21 November 2007 19:15
Subject: efolkMusic-Amazon Affiliation
Hi, Friends-
I told you efolkMusic is evolving- well, evolution requires some things to go away so that others can take their place, the survival of the fittest, you know. But we're NOT becoming EXTINCT! We're growing and adapting, and here's the latest:
We're a nonprofit supporting folk music with a "store" to help support the organization, like a museum store, with "select" items, often unique or special. We primarily promote "member" artists, but also offer the best releases from the "majors".  Problem is we can't compete with Amazon (duh!) on items that we both carry, like say Bob Dylan CDs- and we can't offer Bob's MP3s directly.  Bummer!
The solution: 1) Continue to work directly with our independent member artists. 2) Provide MP3 and CD sales support directly for member artists. 3) Send fans through to our "Amazon Affiliate Store" for "commercial" products- CDs and mp3s.  They've got a little bit bigger selection than we can offer (OK, they've got everything in the world), and shopping there going THROUGH efolkMusic or the affiliate store gives us a commission on every sale. The proceeds will support our mission and allow us to better serve our independent musicians.
Try it out- MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be, look at the selection available for your Pete Seeger, Dylan, Woody, Doc, Ricky, Alison, Raffi (really), and a lot more-we're hooked into a million and a half mp3s, and a gazillion albums, books, blenders, etc.,etc.
SO even though I'm against rampant consumerism, sometimes you have to shop. Save some time and gas, shop with us for unique, exceptional independent music, and through us for your more "common" musical (and nonmusical!) needs. You'll be helping us "pick it up and carry it on"!
Chris Frank
CEO, MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be
PS BTW, Amazon has a huge "Black Friday" promotion, they suggest we provide you with this nice link to the deals

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