From: andy renshaw [andy_at_religoran_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 01 November 2007 13:24
Subject: RE: Relig Oran up - date

Hi Beau, cheers for that.
Here are a few word about the club, hope there of use.

The Island Folk Club. Situated in the Bradstow Mill, Broadstairs (opposite the railway station) is Thanet nearly opened club. In the spacious upper room of the pub, the venue is ideal for a folk club.
Over the last few months the club has been putting on the cream of the local folk scene to build up their profile. The club runs once a month on Monday evenings.
To my knowledge the club has yet to organise a website, but information and be obtained form faerycake_at_supanet_dot_com Tel 01843 847170

Cheers beau,


Hi Beau, hope all's fine with you.
I checked with the Island folk club, and it's the last Monday of every month that they hold their club. Cheers