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Hi Beau,
Our guest list for Folk At The Drum next year, would you be kind enough to update the website accordingly.  I will let you have further additions as I get them booked.
Thanks, have a good Christmas and New Year.
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From: David Pleasants
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Subject: GUESTS 2008

Hi Folks,
A further update on the guest situation.
I now have six guests, additions in bold, booked for 2008 as follows:
31 Jan 08  - Bob Kenward,  we had a fantastic evening with him in 2005 so I am sure we will again.
28 Feb 08 - Barry & Ingrid Temple, Barry had a heart attack last year which was why their guest night was cancelled but I met them at Tenterden and he is fit and well.  It is a few years now since I had them as guests at The White Hart but I think most would agree that was a superb night.  They are delightful people and brilliant performers, I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing them at the club again.
13 Mar 08 - Paul Sirman, another old favourite from White Hart days.  We had two superb nights with Paul in consecutive years at The White Hart, he was one of our earliest guests there.
3 Apr 08   -  Roy Clinging, I wasn't there last time he came but I have seen him at Lancaster Maritime Festival and enjoyed his performance.
15 May 08 - Geoff Higginbottom, need I say more?!  We have always had great fun with Geoff.
16 Oct 08  - Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham, super harmonies and great fun.
I will continue to keep you posted as the guest list fills up.