From: Watson, Sue [sue_dot_watson_at_pfizer_dot_com]
Sent: 07 July 2008 12:48
Subject: Kent Songs concerts

Attachments: A5 Kent Songs Broad Deal.doc
Hi Beau,
Thought I'd send you a leaflet about 2 Kent songs concerts I'm involved with.  Bob Kenward, Ken Latham, Bernard Quenby and I have been asked to do a Kent Songs concert at Broadstairs Folk Week this year on Wednesday at 5pm in the Methodist Hall and we'll also be doing another session (different songs/themes) at Deal Festival in September (5.30pm on Saturday 20th September in the Town Hall) following the success of last year's session.  Any publicity you could give us on the Kent Folk website would be much appreciated!
Also Bernard and I are busy recording at present so that our new CD Linden Lea will be ready for the Broadstairs concert !

Sue Watson