From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]
Sent: 09 August 2008 09:15
Hi Folks,
Just a reminder that the above service takes place in the Stanford Parish Church on Sunday at 1730, or 5.30 pm, if you prefer, please note that is an hour earlier than was previously advertised.
I would be most grateful for as much support as we can gather to show our appreciation of how well we are looked after by the pub when so many other clubs are struggling.
As I understand it Bryan, our landlord, is handing or has handed over the running of the pub to his son Jonathon so we need to gain his support in the way that we have had Bryan's.  This service appears to be Bryan's swansong so it will act as both a thank you to Bryan and an indication to Jonathon that we are an asset to his business.
There is also a barbecue afterwards at the pub so that is an additional incentive to come along.
Dannie, Maureen, Teresa, Alison, Ian (Ali's dad) and I will be singing and playing:  Kumbaya, Smuggler (McCalman's and Maureen) and Lord of the Dance so please come to add your voices from the congregation.  Heathens (like Maureen and me) will be equally welcomed for a good sing.
Lastly, but by no means least I would like to thank all those who took the time and trouble to give us suggestions for something to sing.  I am sorry it has been so rushed but time has been tight.