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Sent: 19 June 2008 19:27
Subject: Bottleneck Blues Club
Hello Everyone,

A reminder for the 26th June - thats the Thursday of next week not the Tuesday as per usual!

We have a very special artist in the form of US singer/songwriter/guitarist Lisa Mills accompanied by one of the country's top bass players Ian Jennings.

We still have tables and seats available and we need to fill them, so please support this gig and bring your friends as well!

You won't be disappointed, and here's what erstwhile member Roy Middleton has to say:

"Sorry I couldn't stay for West and the boys but it sounds like you all had a great night as I predicted. Thanks for booking Lisa for the next Gig and you won't regret this one either. I was great friends with the late Jo Ann Kelly and Lisa is the closest I've ever heard to Jo Ann. If you Liked Jo Ann or you like Taka Boom you should like Lisa's performance as well. Lisa is often compared to Bonnie Raitt, I think mostly because they look alike with that lovely long red hair, but make no mistake I think Lisa is probably better than Bonnie as a singer and I have been travelling all over the UK for the last few years to see her as she is that good. The last time I saw her was with Tony Joe White up in the Midlands, now those two on the same bill was well worth the travelling. Still I would have gone just for Lisa."

Roy certainly knows his onions - and his music knowledge isn't bad either! Also check out Lisa's great website at

So, looking forward to seeing you there on Thursday 26th June at the Roffen Suite.

All the best.

Richard Dobney
Bottleneck Blues Club
07785 307388