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Subject: Monthly Gig List (August 2008)

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Dear Beau Webber,

This is your monthly gig list from The Barge.
We hope you can make it to some of the gigs.


Newsflash! (gig list follows below)

RNLI all-dayer - report:
Well, the charity all-dayer on Saturday 19th July was a resounding success, with over £600 raised on the day for the the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
By all accounts the evening turned into one of the busiest nights ever at the Barge, with large crowds coming to see headliners the Lovedays and the Singing Loins.
Many thanks to everybody who turned up and did their bit, whether it was as a spectator, performer, or organiser.
Special thanks must go to the bar staff who did a sterling job under difficult circumstances (ie. running out of glasses) trying to keep everybody watered.

All performers turned up on time and s schedules were once again adhered to... we're getting too good at this ;-)
Watch this space for photos/live recordings.

Line up of performers on the day as follows:

1pm - Gastove
2pm - Les Elvin
3pm - Skinner's Rats
4pm - Gemma
5pm - Mick Tyrell
6pm - Mike Burke & Fran McGillivray
7pm - No Worries
8pm - Robin Spellman
9pm - The Lovedays
10pm - The Singing Loins
11pm - Raffle draw / Gastove & Mick


Forthcoming gigs at the Barge:

03/08/2008 - Quiz Night
04/08/2008 - Selchie
06/08/2008 - Bards At The Barge (open mic)
10/08/2008 - Quiz Night
11/08/2008 - Bill Clift
13/08/2008 - Jazz At The Barge (with Jazz Faction)
17/08/2008 - Quiz Night
18/08/2008 - Davey Slater
20/08/2008 - Glenn Barnes Trio
24/08/2008 - Quiz Night
25/08/2008 - Happy Trails
31/08/2008 - Quiz Night
01/09/2008 - John Pearson & Jem Turpin
03/09/2008 - Bards At The Barge (open mic)
08/09/2008 - Drohne
10/09/2008 - Jazz At The Barge (with Jazz Faction)
15/09/2008 - Flying Chaucers
22/09/2008 - John Barden
29/09/2008 - Open Harp Surgery

Unless otherwise stated, entry to all gigs is free.
Doors open 7pm, music usually starts around 8.30pm.
See for full gig listings.


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