From: Steve Barrett [steve_at_steveb2a2_dot_plus_dot_com]
Sent: 18 January 2008 10:47
Subject: On Bouge
I know you will all be tired after your weekend of dancing at Eurobash but for those of you that counldn't get along  and for all of you wanting to learn more and practice what you learnt at the weekend....then here is a message from Chris Shaw.

See you soon
ON BOUGE Third Mondays (not July or August)
Monday 21 January. Breton, Auvergne, Morvan, Gascon and Corrèze – bourrée des Monadières, bourrées de Morvan, La Montagnarde, rondeaux, Dans Kef, Dans Léon, Avant Deux de Travers. Plus valses, schottisches, mazurkas, polkas. [Is that enough yet, or do you want more ?]

Music by On Bouge regulars: hurdy gurdies, bagpipes, accordions, fiddles.
Bring yourself and bring a friend :–) 

Dancing is from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. If you arrive early you might find some Bougers in the first floor bar.

London Welsh Centre,
157-163 Gray's Inn Road, (just north of junction with Guilford Road)
London WC1X 8UE,-0.117202&spn=0.011428,0.028925&z=15&om=0


GIG CB! is branching out and organising some dances in Hassocks on 5 April and 4 October.
Chris Shaw
T: 020 7639 6635
M: 07940 269223
E: Chris_at_gigcb_dot_com
GIG CB! Euro-Ceilidh
Adastra Hall
Hassocks, Sussex
8:00–11:00 p.m.
Saturday 5 April 2008
Tickets available on website or at door
No bar – BYO