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DerrtyBoi Montana

“Derrty Boi Montana formally known as “Tantrum Montana leads the current local scene as
one of the best, lyrically, out of St. Louis, Mo. The versatile spit shocks frequencies with his
diverse swag and unique delivery. His futuristic sound is familiar to many throughout the
Midwest in cities such as St. Louis, MO; Indianapolis & Gary, IN; Memphis, TN; Chicago, IL; Des
Moines, IO; & Oklahoma City, OK. Not falling short on the fans who love his tune over seas in
France and Germany.
DBM has been seducing tracks since the mid 90’s. His first debut was with a group formally
known as Fatal Level, who back then led the suburban scene in St. Louis. He later ventured to
work with others in the industry, forming a group of his own “Lyrical Warfare, which gave him
the endurance and skill to provide a solid sound for himself. Collaborating realism and good
music drew an appeal to young adults of all ethnics.
Montana strategy for hip hop is not for one that is simple minded. His complex personality
drives him to be more of a leader in the industry, as he thrives to demonstrate the importance
of individualism in music. “Believe it or not music is made to enlighten minds; I want to spark
minds in an unconventional manner, train them to be at least four dimensional. As Derrty Boi
Montana focus is set on individual direction he still maintains to be the “Pride of St. Louis
entertainment wise.

Featured Press
 Ozone Magazine (Rapquest <St. Louis>…June ‟07; October ‟07; November „07;
April 08; June 08 )
 Inbox Magazine & DVD (February ‟07; March ‟07)
 Midwest Leak (February ‟08)
Featured Albums & Mix tapes
 OutDaWoodWorks presents: Madass Middle Vol. 1,2,&3
 Top 10 Tuesdays Mixtape Vol. 2
 Da Tyme Zone Presents: High Tymez Mix tape
 OutDaWoodWorks Ent. & Lyrical Warfare: Diamond N Da Rough Mix tape
 Derrty Boi Radio Vol. 1
 Lyrical Warfare's “Articles of War
 Self Named –“Tantrum Montana

DerrtyBoi Montana - Aint Wurried Bout It (clean)

DerrtyBoi Montana - Aint Wurried Bout It (dirty)

DBM Contact Info.
Manager: Adam Murphy (314) 910.2543
P R Rep: Mika Black (314) 705.9523

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