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Newsletter For July 14, 2008

Volume 3 Issue 12

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Good morning...

Okay, we're back, and with a LOT of new information for you to check out. We have a ton of photos from the CMA Music Festival held in Nashville in June, as well as other pics. We have many new articles and interviews. We're gearing up to continue bringing you the latest in music news from Nashville and beyond.
I would like to again thank everyone who sent e-mails or phone calls to inquire about my health and to send me their best wishes and prayers. It means so much to me and I cannot express it simply in words alone, but THANK YOU.
What do on of the original hard-driving classic rockers and a beautiful gospel/bluegrass songstress have in common? To find out, read the review of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant in concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta under NEW ARTICLES in the full issue of the newsletter.
I need your help. With the long down time, we didn't put up any new showcases and events announcements. If you are performing in a showcase in or around the Nashville area, or have an artist who is doing so, please send us the information ASAP. We want to announce it. (It's best if done in a JPG format, no larger than 700px by 1000px or, if text, please make sure to include a picture.)
Also, if you visit the CLUB LISTING page under Showcases and Events and see a club that either no longer exists or know of one that isn't listed, please send me that information.
Yes, the magazine is still for sale (gotta pay those high medical bills from my heart scare). If you are interested in purchasing it, please CLICK HERE.
For the latest full issue of Music News Nashville with links to articles, photos and more, CLICK HERE.
To go directly to the website for the full magazine including all archives, , visit Music News Nashville
We hope you've had a great weekend and a fantastic week coming up.
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