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efolkMusic News, July 2008
Better late than never ... 

efolkMusic New Digital Albums ::::

Maximilian Eubank (10:00 in the Afternoon)
Maximilian Eubank
10:00 in the Afternoon

Crisp compilation of feel good tracks with mellow acoustic guitar and a soothing lyrical presence. Of the songs on the CD, Pick of the Litter, Lawman Says Amen, Brother Man and Concrete are the cream of this musical crop.

LEA (Get It Right)
Get It Right

Urban Contemporary Folk. Tracy Chapman meets India.Arie at a party for Joni Mitchell.

Michael Ubaldini (Street Singin
Michael Ubaldini
Street Singin' Troubadour

A Collection Of 13 brand new songs, A Stripped Down American Folk Rebel Record, Full of Michael's killer lyrics And One Of The Most relevant recordings Of The Modern Day and a welcome addition to the canon of risk taking American Music.

Jan Hauenstein (Faces And Places)
Jan Hauenstein
Faces And Places

Songs by some great songwriters as well as a couple of original songs and instrumentals. Second album 2007. Almost 80 minutes of music.

efolkMusic New CD Additions ::::

The Grascals (Keep On Walkin`)
The Grascals
Keep On Walkin`

12 tracks with Terry Eldredge, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Smith, Danny Roberts, and new banjo player Aaron McDaris. Featuring "The Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line," "Sad Wind Sighs," "Happy Go Lucky," more.

Michael Cleveland (Leavin` Town)
Michael Cleveland
Leavin` Town

Five-time IBMA fiddle champ emerges with band members John Mark Batchelor on banjo, Jesse Brock on mandolin, Todd Rakestraw on vocals and bass, and Marshall Wilborn on vocals. 14 burnin' tracks including "I'm Ridin' This Train," "Come Spring," "Kickin' Back," more.

The Horseflies (Until the Ocean)
The Horseflies
Until the Ocean

The long-lived, wildly original old-time music visionaries in a brand-new CD! Richie Stearns, Jeff Claus, Judy Hyman, percussionist Taki Masuko, bassist Jay Olsa and Rick Hansen on accordion, organ and Moog. "Build a House and Burn it Down," "Carnival Lips," "Baghdad Children," "Drunkard's Child" and more.

Tony Rice (Night Flyer: The Singer Songwriter Collection)
Tony Rice
Night Flyer: The Singer Songwriter Collection

This 17 cut compilation includes three previously unreleased tracks, all encompassing his growth beyond bluegrass into his own timeless sound. "Never Meant To Be," "Four Strong Winds," "Hard Love," "Wayfaring Stranger," more.

Johnny Gimble (The Texas Fiddle Collection)
Johnny Gimble
The Texas Fiddle Collection

Former Texas Playboys fiddler with guests Eldon Shamblin and Cliff Bruner. 28 tracks including "Redwing," "Lime Rock," "Beaumont Rag," more.

Steeleye Span (Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert)
Steeleye Span
Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert

2 CDs -- From their 2004 tour. Core members Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp and Peter Knight with newbies Liam Genocky on drums and guitarist Ken Nicol. New titles like "They Call Her Babylon" and Span classics like "Gaudete," "All Around My Hat" and more.

New "Advanced Search"- Find That Rare Track!
     We've just got too many tracks listed for a "simple" search, with a database of just over 71,000 songs, so we've added an advanced search capability.
     Start with the search box from any page, and when you get to the results page, click on the Advanced Search button to do a detailed search of our extensive resource. Search by track title, format (Mp3, CD, DA), genre, and drill down till you find what you are after. Happy searching!

What the Heck is a Digital Album (DA)?
  Sometimes we don't do the best job of 'splaining ourselves, and as we continue to "invent the wheel", so to speak, we're trying to do better. A few folks have asked about the "Digital Album" or "DA"- here's the poop:
     The DA is a downloadable collection of songs/tracks in MP3 format (192kbps or better, very high quality)- often artists release a downloadable version of their CDs, both new releases and more "seasoned" titles. These usually are identical in content to the CD (with artwork and liner notes), but sometimes they have bonus material or they may not have all tracks from the physical album (often a rights issue). They are usually cheaper than the CD, and you can download immediately or at any time in the future (we record all your purchases in your own "Music Locker" (in your account area) so that you can download (and re-download) anytime.
   One of the nice features is that artists can offer ANY collection of tracks, package it with art work and liner notes, and self-publish as a DA. There are lot's of stray songs out in the world, we aim to create a valuable digital resource for artists and listeners- this is a low bar for artists to jump over to get "published" and available world-wide, makes efM a real "music service".
     Pretty slick, in a folksy sort of way. Not iTunes smooth, but functional, easier in ways. Try one out, we're getting quite a collection- Here are the latest releases, some very interesting stuff.

While You're Clarifying....What about the MP3 "MPK"???
Glad you asked. The MultiPak (MPK) is another efM invention (we did invent the Internet and the MP3 already, no need to explain). It's an easier and cheaper way to buy MP3 songs, by purchasing a number of "credits" that allow you to download any MP3 tracks on the site. Say you buy a 10-track MPK, for $8.97- first off, your per-track price has gone down from the single MP3 price of 98 cents, to 89 cents (save more with a 20-pack, for just $14.97), and you don't have to go through the shopping cart until your credits are used up. And they don't expire, use them anytime.
      Very easy- once you've bought the MPK, the MP3 singles pages will tell you how many credits you have on account, you can download tracks in a click (OK, maybe 3), ala carte, get just what you want. And like all digital purchases, you can go to your music locker anytime if you've lost a track. Very modern, we thought of it first. Get one here...

How Green Can You Get?
Make any digital purchase on efolkMusic, scour our database for artist gigs, folk festivals, folk radio shows, have your way with us, and we PROMISE not to burn a drop of carbon. OK, some electricity, but no driving around pushing packages of plastic stuff into the mailbox. We started off life as an mp3 singles store, way back in 1999, partly because we knew the whole world was going to turn upside down as the oil runs out. Unfortunately, the CD burns a bit of carbon, from the time of manufacture until it gets into your hands. (Hey, did you drive to the store for your last CD purchase???)
     Save the planet, get some ultra-green folk music with nothing to recycle, no waiting- we're on I-time, gotta run.......thanks for your support of this nonprofit organization- we can't do it without you....

ARTISTS: Got music? Let us help you reach more fans. efolkMusic offers a TOTAL ARTIST CONTROL interface that allows member artists to create and maintain a complete point-of-contact for current and potential fans.
     Artists can offer CDs, "Digital Albums" and individual MP3 tracks for sale or promotional distribution You don't need a complete album, if you have tracks you want to publish and distribute, we can help you.
       We are a "filtered" site, looking for exceptional music- if you have some and want us to help you get it into more ears, application is  easy, just point us to where we can have a listen. ... It's now FREE-here's more info >>


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