From: Watson, Sue [sue_dot_watson_at_pfizer_dot_com]
Sent: 29 April 2008 09:42
Subject: May/June/July Deal FC

Hi Beau,

Nice to see you on Saturday at Simon's "Do".

Apologies - I noticed I made a mistake in the earlier edition of May that I sent you previously I missed out Leverton & Richardson. Please find attached a corrected May + June and July for good measure - then I can relax for a bit !!
Y 2008

T 8.15-11pm

_at_ RMA Club |Walmer Green|Deal

M May

D 2
G FFD |Guest: Bram Taylor

D 23
G FFD |Guests: Leverton & Richardson

D 9 16 30

M June

D 20
G FFD |Guests: Rattlaz

D 6 13 27

M July

D 18
G FFD |Guests: Barber & Taylor

D 4 11 25

Hope all is well with you!

Sue Watson