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Subject: French request
Apologies for any cross-postings or intrusions. I have received the following contact from otgrandesynthe2_at_wanadoo_dot_fr

(Office du Tourisme Grande-Synthe, Northern France) and am sending it on to all my Kent contacts:-

Dear Sir or Madam,
Grande-Synthe tourist office organises every two years an exhibition that
deals with gastronomy, Folklore, culture, and tourism. The next edition is
scheduled for 2010, in the Palais du Littoral, in Grande-Synthe in
Northern France. In effect, a different country is highlighted at each
edition. England is the next country to be focused on, and more precisely
the county of Kent. I would like to know if you may be interested in
taking part to this show and represent Folk of your county helping us to
promote Kent.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

Mariama Ali-madi-abdallah
Trainee in Grande-Synthe Tourist Office

P Devez-vous vraiment imprimer ce courrier ?  Pensons environnement !

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