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Subject: FiTB - Where did May go?

Is it me or is time speeding up? My brain has only just reached Tuesday but actually its Friday already. Is it a sign of old age or something to do with global speeding? Slow down Summer please I haven't had time to enjoy you yet! It seems like we've only just recovered from one great concert and the next is almost upon us. Only 9 days to go until Martin Simpson and Andy Cutting come and amaze us with their skill and dexterity. There are still about a quarter of the seats left available, but the article in the Gazette has caused the phone to ring all day so if you are still hoping to come, ring or email me sooner rather than later. Another reason to come - I should by then have confirmation of two more special Folk in the Barn concerts for later in the year, including a special Christmas event (I know... sorry) and hopefully will be able to make an announcement about those.
Martin Simpson & Andy Cutting Sunday June 15th Canterbury Cathedral ISC 7.15pm for 8pm 01227 831493 tickets £14 / £12
It's good because apparently Sundays are the new Fridays, they said so on the tele so it must be true. Does that make Mondays the new Saturdays then? That would be nice.
More snippets.... Who likes Sword dancing?? - come on own up. I've seen them do it at Sweeps Fest and Broadstairs FW and it looks very exciting and a bit dangerous especially when you're all crammed in a bar and those flashing sabres are twirling close to ones quarters! Well it seems that the Government's new Violent Crime reduction bill does not recognize dance as either a Historical re-enactment or sporting activity and therefore dancers are not included within the exemption for the purchase & use of swords! These dances are forms of art that are of great historical & cultural relevance, banning the use of these swords will inevitably cause them to die out. If you'd like to help prevent that please sign this petition...
Show of Hands news... Steve Phil and Miranda will be at Sevenoaks Summer Festival on Sunday (yes Sunday!) 29th June. the concert starts at 8pm This is a fully seated indoor event and tickets are available from Box Office 01732 450305 £16 It is the John Smedley memorial concert. I remember John introducing Steve and Phil at East Grinsted Chequer Mead a good few years ago. I didn't know him but knew that he did a lot of good for folk music in West Kent. Sevenoaks is lovely, go for the day and feed the deer.
I've been informed of a very interesting concert on Saturday 14th June at the Arden Theatre Faversham. Top Belgian Folk / Rock / Jazz band ' Follia' are performing. Check them out on Doors open at 7.30pm, start at 8 pm and there is a Bar. Tickets £7.00 from organiser Barbara Kelly on 01795 531301 07812 102456 or email barbara_dot_kelly2_at_virgin_dot_net
Fibers - next Monday 9th. Can the regular bunch of reprobates please email me so I can let you know the changed venue.
Have a good weekend, bearing in mind that Saturdays must now be Thursdays????!!?
I'm confused

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