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Hello Everyone,

Firstly, a big thank you to West Weston and the Bluesonics for entertaining the club with a masterful set. As you are aware, I had booked this band following West's guest appearance with Big Pete, with a following flurry of requests from members asking for a full gig. I had not seen the full band myself, however, as I made my 8th trip down four flights of stairs, laden like a donkey with PA equipment after the gig, I did not regret a minute of it as I had witnessed a delivery of magnificent music made with such enormous ability from all participants. "Relentless mechanics of their chosen art" as I was moved to describe them on the night, coupled with West's leadership qualities that only great talent and experience can bring, all made for a real night to remember!

Moving on to this month I have secured, by way of something different again, a very special artist in the form of Lisa Mills accompanied on double bass by Ian Jennings. Lisa is described by the band themselves as "one of the outstanding singers" to perform with Big Brother and the Holding Company, the band with which Janis Joplin first made her name. Ian is one of the founding members of The Big Town Playboys and has also worked with Van Morrison, Jeff Beck and Paul Rogers - to name just a few! As if these pedigrees did not speak enough for themselves, here's what they say about Lisa:-

"A Missippissi blues songwriter picked by Robert Plant himself as support on his American and European tours. 'She looks at you with a wide-eyed stare and piercing blue eyes set in a child-like face. Her innocence belies the depth of the woman behind the child. As she takes up her guitar and places herself in front of the microphone, her eyes harden, her face becomes that of a woman who has had a lot to deal with and the voice that comes out of her mouth will knock you out"- The Mississippi Press.

"These dynamic and inspiring performances help prove that Lisa Mills is the real deal; no studio tricks needed, no airbrushing required. By Invitation Only, is a wonderful listen-soothing, bluesy, rocking, and sexy." Wade Wellborn, Currents Magazine.

Here is a link where you can see (and be assured) that we have one of the truly great modern blues singers appearing at our club this month

Please note that this gig, definitely not to be missed, is on the last THURSDAY of the month and not the Tuesday as per usual.

So, that's Lisa Mills (with Ian Jennings) on Thursday 26th June at the Roffen Suite, New Road, Rochester.

Bookings by email to me earliest possible - please continue to support!

Thank you.

Richard Dobney

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