From: Shelagh [shelagh_at_micronet_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 15 June 2008 10:42
Cc: Beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com
Subject: REMINDER Tilmanstone & Barfreston
Yes -- sorry -- it's me again nag nagging Tomorrow TILMANSTONE usual suspects...
May be any1 interest in the Barf Fest would let me know??
The organiser of the Barfreston Arts Festival on July5th/6th at the Yew Tree has asked for music 2pm-5pm on Saturday 5th July- there is no money this time cos its their first one out but they are offering barbeque for the musicians, so if you feel you can do this it might be a good opportunity to get some gigs out of it, give out handouts or sell CD's? Perhaps we can chat on 16th _at_ Tilmanstone?
OK Shelagh the Guitar