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Subject: FW: presentazione dei concerti in milanese




Roberto Cassani is a truly original and hilarious storyteller. Hailed as ‘the 21st century minstrel’, this anarchistic troubadour has invented his own genre of hilarity-reality.

On stage, Cassani is a ‘force of nature’; his live performances have received great reviews and have been captured on a live cd in 2007 and a live dvd about to be released in 2008.

Roberto Cassani is now booking a unique show, where he will sing not only his own humorous stories, but also the northern Italian songs that have influenced and inspired him.

Milan, where Roberto was born and brought up, has a long tradition of minstrels and cabaret singers. From medieval times onwards, these artists have left a legacy of tuneful and often funny social commentaries. Roberto Cassani will sing these slices of  Italian life in their original Milanese dialect, and also explain them to the audience in his bizarrely funny Scot-Italian accent. It will be a great occasion to have a laugh, a sing-a-long and hear a bit of history as well.

Roberto is based in Perth Scotland and is readily available to travel , please let me know if your interested in booking this unique show. Rob Ellen 056002 620901 rob_at_medicinemusic_dot_co_dot_uk
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