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American Hit Songwriter Begins UK Residency


London, UK, June 16, 2008-  Mark Aaron James, critically acclaimed  singer/songwriter and recording artist from New York City, has begun a monthly series at the award winning HALO venue.  Each “Mark Aaron James’ in the Round will feature a professional hit songwriter, two “up and coming songwriters and Mr. James as host.  The first version of the night, held in a different venue, featured Kristy Jackson, writer of Reba McEntire’s #1 US hit, “Take it Back.  The upcoming event at HALO on July 10th, will feature John Peppard, co-writer of the #1 Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood duet, “In Another’s Eyes.


“In the Round performances are the most popular way to hear songwriters in Nashville, a city renowned for its music craftsmen and one of  Mark’s former hometowns.  During these shows, four songwriters are seated in the center of the room, facing each other in a circle.  The audience is seated around them.  Each of the writers takes a turn singing one of their songs in a clockwise rotation.  Often, the writers will chime in with harmonies or instruments on each other’s songs.  The process encourages the writers to discuss the writing process while introducing songs and to collaborate during performances, recreating the campfire experience found at folk festivals and house concerts.  With the artists sitting among them, the audience is treated to a far more intimate show than the standard writer’s night.


Mark Aaron James’ entire performance schedule can be found at


For additional information on Mark Aaron James, HALO or “Mark Aaron James’ in the Round please contact  Mark Widerman.  Samples of Mark’s music and press ready photos are available at

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