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efolkMusic News, June 2008
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New CDs and Digital Albums:

Gerry O`Beirne (The Bog Bodies And Other Stories: Music For Guitar)
Gerry O`Beirne
" The Bog Bodies And Other Stories: Music For Guitar"
"The music was written and performed on my ragtag collection of guitars and other stringed instruments including 12 string guitar, National Steel guitar, Spanish guitar, slide guitar, ukulele, and tiple. Two tracks feature fiddler Rosie Shipley." - Gerry
(CD and DA)

Jenee Halstead (The River Grace)

Jenee Halstead
" The River Grace"
Jenee Halstead puts forth a collection of songs effortlessly suited to her voice, mixing dobro, mandolin, and upright bass with vintage Casio keyboards and subtle electronic beats. From the joyous declarations of “Before I Go” to the tragic balladry of “Darkest Day”; The River Grace’s sound is rooted in the past yet beckons the progression of Americana. Recorded in a small cottage studio called Forgiveness, efM EDITORS CHOICE >>
(CD and DA)

Dan Tyminski (Wheels)
Dan Tyminski
" Wheels"
His second solo release features guests Ron Block, Cheryl and Sharon White and Vince Gill. 12 cuts including "Making Hay," "Heads You Win, Tails I Lose," "The One You Lean On," more.

Brewflies (On The Fly)

" On The Fly"
Brewflies’ latest CD release, On the Fly, showcases many of the styles the band has incorporated into its unique sound. The songs on On the Fly generally reflect Brewflies’ concerns with the life of the planet, the “war on terrorism,” rebellion, death, making love, making music, dubiously sea-worthy crafts, and the joy of solid furniture…(CD and DA)

Janet Russell (Love Songs and Fighting Talk)

Janet Russell
" Love Songs and Fighting Talk"
Janet's long-awaited third album features fine versions of traditional songs including big Child Ballads and some more contemporary songs. Janet's voice features above all and is supported by Steve Tilston's guitar, Tom McCoville's fiddle, Gill Redmond's cello and Najam Javed's tablas. Can this be the first recording of one of Professor Child's collected ballads accompanied by tablas?
(CD and DA)

Don Dixon (The Nu-Look- Don Dixon and the Jump Rabbits)
Don Dixon
" The Nu-Look- Don Dixon and the Jump Rabbits"
DIXON has this to say about The Nu-Look: "I wanted to make a record like "Disraeli Gears", you know, a power trio album...that's the approach this band has always taken in our live shows...but i knew i didn't want to write a bunch of songs that sounded like i wished i was 25 again..." This is still folk music, get it!
(CD and DA)

Steeleye Span (Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert)
Steeleye Span
" Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert"
2 CDs -- From their 2004 tour. Core members Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp and Peter Knight with newbies Liam Genocky on drums and guitarist Ken Nicol. New titles like "They Call Her Babylon" and Span classics like "Gaudete," "All Around My Hat" and more.

efolkMusic: For Musicians, Not For Profit
     When we started efolkMusic in 1999, we knew that the CD was on the way out, and we always believed that a friction-free, instant-delivery, never out-of-stock downloadable format was going to be the ONLY way for musicians out of the mainstream media to continue to distribute our wares.
     We were way ahead of the curve, of course, as most people didn't know an MP3 from a cucumber back then. Times have changed, haven't they? After a few years of futile resistance, the record labels realized there was no turning back the clock, and that they could still sell music and stiff artists in a digital world.
     So Apple creates a music service to drive sales of iPods, and as a by-product the world got hip to downloading. (I still think Steve Jobs owes efolkMusic for the idea...) Sure they've got millions of tracks, and a slick interface, and sure, you can get a lot of the tracks we offer from them BUT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!
    More than one, in fact. First off, we offer all of our tracks as un-shackled MP3s (all new tracks are formatted at 192 or 256kbps), no "DRM" to thwart your ability to burn to CD. Secondly, WE PAY ARTISTS FOR EVERY DOWNLOAD SOLD!
Please consider supporting our non-profit- memberships start at just $4.95 a month for 100 downloads from our "Member Download" catalog and a free subscription to our RSS feed "Song of the Week"; annual members get more, a free efM tote-bag, discounts on purchases, and more.
     Join us, help save "the last great pickers on earth...", it feels good and is tax-deductible, to boot!

Exceptional Artists Wanted:
   Got music? Let us help you reach more fans. efolkMusic offers a TOTAL ARTIST CONTROL interface that allows member artists to create and maintain a complete point-of-contact for current and potential fans.
     Artists can offer "Digital Albums" and individual MP3 tracks for sale or promotional distribution You don't need a complete album, if you have tracks you want to publish and distribute, we can help you.
       We are a "filtered" site, looking for exceptional music- if you have some and want us to help you get it into more ears, application is  easy, just point us to where we can have a listen. ... It's now FREE-here's more info >> 



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