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Subject: [SCoFFnews] Dancers threat

Hi Everybods

I am just contacting you with regards to a petition that concerns dancers in the  UK.
I have been informed by a Morris Ring Blog on Google that The Government is in the process of introducing the 'Violent Crimes Reduction Bill' whereby the sale and use of items such as swords will be prohibited unless for historical re-enactment or sporting activities.

Currently, the government does not recognize dance as either a  historical re-enactment or a sporting activity and therefore dancers are not  included within the exemption for the purchase & use of swords with regards to the Violent Crimes Reduction Bill (VCR Bill).

Traditional folklore dances in England since as far back as 1700s have been known to use props such as sticks and swords as part of their dances.  These dances are forms of art that are of great  historical & cultural  relevance. Banning the purchase of and, more importantly, the use of these swords may cause such dancing to die out.

It is crucial that sword dances are preserved & allowed to continue.

There is a petition which is up on the home office website.

Please show your support and sign the petition to get dance included so that we can continue to preserve and perform the beautiful art of sword dance.

Whether you are a dancer or not, your support is needed, and fast the closing date is 25th June 2008

More signatures are desperately needed; here is the link:


John (editor efn magazine)

efn magazine

Trevor Gilson 02380 456337
SCoFF webmaster
Southern Counties Folk Federation

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