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I wanted to let you know of an exciting development on Folk and Roots, we've teamed up with independent online ticketing agency WeGotTickets. Not only will we be able to list your events, we'll also be able to sell tickets directly from Folk and Roots. All you need to do is register a WeGotTickets account! WeGotTickets gives event organisers like you the opportunity to sell advance tickets online completely free of charge. They already work with a number of Folk Clubs around the country as well as several Folk and acoustic Festivals. They're currently focussing on getting the best in the Folk and Roots world selling tickets, with the aim of creating a huge customer database which can be used to promote everyone's events. You'll be able to use the links on your website, other listings sites, artists website/myspace pages and in any mailings you might send out. It will save you lots of time and hassle when taking advance bookings and open up your event to a much wider audience. WeGottickets can only sell the tickets you allocate to them, so you won't oversell your event and WeGotTickets can even set up secret links to give members first dibs on any guest nights. Here’s some brief information about WeGotTickets:
•?They're a FREE service to you and will SAVE you money - they pay all your credit card charges and you keep the full face value ticket price •??The customer pays a booking fee of 10% (scaled down for tickets over £ 25) - with a minimum of 50p per order, not per ticket • The tickets are delivered instantly online and can be bought until 6pm on the day of the event - your customer gets a booking reference number, rather than a physical ticket
•??There’s no minimum commitment period and we're non exclusive - you can use WeGotTickets in conjunction with any other box office or ticket vendor •?They’ll give you your customer data - providing they’ve agreed to it •?They send out weekly mails to our entire customer database - listing all the latest events, including yours. •?Make tickets available for all your events - not just the ones that might sell out in advance
Here's some kind words from people already using WeGotTickets: “Last autumn we decided, as an experiment, to sell tickets on-line. After some enquiries we decided to use We Got Tickets. We now regard on-line sales as essential and have found that our attendance has increased by about 20%. As always its the popular gigs that sell best but it also helps to promote lesser known groups and gives anyone new to the club confidence that they’ll be able to get in. People we’ve talked to find it quick and easy to use while we still retain complete control over our sales. Needless to say, we’re going to continue with We Got Tickets”. - The Red Lion Folk Club
" WeGotTickets is just the easiest thing to use for online ticketing,believe me, I've tried the competition! Occasionally we promote our own events as Spiers & Boden and that's a bit daunting when you're travelling around the country in the run-up to a gig. I just go online, log-in and I can set the gig up, see who's coming or add more tickets whenever I like, it's as easy as that. It also comes with a rare thing these days, a phone number you can call and speak to a real person who knows what they're doing - I've never had a problem that can't be fixed by giving a quick ring." John Spiers
If you’re interested in registering straight away creating your own WeGotTickets account is really simple and straightforward. All you need to do is visit this link: and submit the registration form.
If you have any questions or need more information please get in touch with Drew at WeGotTickets either via email: drew_at_wegottickets_dot_com or telephone 01865726087. Best wishes
Drew Brammer - Your Online Box Office

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