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Subject: On behalf of Show of Hands

If you haven't recently seen the Show of Hands or Longdogs websites..... then any of you intending to go and see Show of Hands on their current tour should know that Steve Knightley won't now be part of the tour.
On Friday last he and Clare were told that their eldest son Jack has Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. It is life threatening but curable. Steve will obviously be needed to deal with this awful family situation. Saturday (yesterday) was Jack's 6th birthday!
The decision has been taken to go ahead with the tour with Phil and Miranda doing the main performance with Slaid Cleaves also committing to doing support on the remaining shows. It was a very difficult decision to make at such short notice but the overwhelming groundswell of support from the fans certainly made a difference. It is the bands' intention that full refunds will be offered to those who don't now wish to attend. All of this is subject to discussion and agreement with the various venues involved but there is already agreement from several of them. Details will go up on the Show of Hands website as the situation clarifies.
Regrettably the Album launch at the Half Moon Putney has had to be cancelled. The above is the official news from Show of Hands head office.
This next bit is just from me....

Personally I really really hope that everyone will show their support and affection for Steve and his family and also for Phil, Miranda and all the Show of Hands team by continuing to attend the concerts. They all work really hard to arrange them and provide the solid base that allows Steve and Phil to be able to entertain and enthrall us as they have done so fantastically for many years. It's going to be a really tough time for Steve and his family over the coming months so please please support him and Phil by going along and wishing them well.
If you want to leave a message of support you can do so on the Show of Hands guestbook as many have done already. I'm sure it must be of comfort to Steve at this awful time.
Sorry to be the bearer of such horrible news, I'm sure you all me, hope and pray that little Jack and Steve and Clare will have the strength to fight and beat this awful disease. Anyone that's been to any of the Abbotsbury festivals will remember Jack running around and waving to Daddy when he's up on the stage.

Debs Earl

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