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Well this is me signing off for this year. Thanks again to all those of you who have come along and supported the concerts in 2007. I'm taking a bit of time out but will be back with more later in 2008, there's already a special concert arranged for next Christmas in the ISC and some old favourites will be back in the Autumn as well??? Obviously I'll keep you informed as soon as there is anything to report.
A very warm welcome to all those of you who signed up at the Cara concert. Cara was very sweet and funny, she kept us laughing in the green room. She kept apologising for her voice being croaky, if it was - I didn't notice did you? It was great to have a full venue for her first visit to Canterbury, hopefully she'll be back, thanks for turning out on a cold Sunday night so close to Christmas.
Two notices - I'm not able to do a Fibers night in January, there's too many birthdays and other things going on. If everyone else wants to continue, let me know which Monday is best the 2nd, 7th or 14th and I'll co-ordinate it. (Fiber's for those that don't know is a small friendly informal group of people that meet once a month to play guitar and sing a few songs, drink a few glasses of wine or cups of tea and generally have an enjoyable time) Everyone is very welcome. As we're a small select bunch we're currently meeting at Simons house in Barham, which is very cosy. If the group expands considerably then we'll go back to hiring the Kingston Barn in which case there would be a small charge, so let me know if you're interested. Its normally the first Monday in the month.
Secondly, Bob has a bad cold (aaahhhhh) and can't use his two tickets for Bellowhead tomorrow night (Tues) at the Royal Festival Hall. They are about £17 I believe. If anyone is interested in them please email me and I'll put you in touch with Bob. There's a lot of man flu about at the moment isn't there, we girls have to carry on though don't we?? (just kidding Bob, get well soon!!)
Thanks to ColvinQuarmby's two wonderful Christmassy gigs in Portsmouth over the weekend, I'm feeling really Christmassy now. Gerry's Shakespeare Carol should be Christmas number one - though it will probably be Leon - or not??? - who else thinks Ryhdian was robbed??
Anyway, enough waffle from me for 2007! Keep warm and well and hope to see you at a gig in 2008. A very merry Christmas and Happy Musical New Year.... Debs

Debs Earl

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