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Internationally acclaimed a capella trio Coope Boyes & Simpson will be
joined by Fi Fraser, Jo Freya and Georgina Boyes to present their
"hit" concert of tradional Derbyshire and Yorkshire folk carols
"Voices At The Door" at Guildford's Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday
18th December. Classic FM Radio's Natalie Wheen has described the
singers as her "favourite, favourite carols singers".

The concert combines carols with stories of squabbling choirs,
composers, collectors and controversy in a words and music programme
of superb unaccompanied harmonies and fascinating historical detail.
The music includes include "The Wexford Carol", several examples from
the still vibrant Sheffield tradition of pub carols, "Adam Lay
Ybounden" from the 15th century and several wassails.

Voices at the Door captures the essence of the season and, as one
reviewer put it, "it will clear all that supermarket muzak out of your

Tickets are on sale at Guildford Tourist Information, 01483 444333.
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