From: Folk in the Barn [debs_at_folkinthebarn_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 13 June 2007 17:29
Subject: FITB - Gravesend Regatta - This Sunday

Just a quick note to those of you expecting to see ColvinQuarmby at Gravesend Regatta on Sunday. Due to unforseen circumstances they are now not able to appear. Many many apologies to those of you that had made plans to go and see them, and to the organisers who have had to find a replacement. Please please still go along though as it will be a lovely afternoon out by the river. CQ have been replaced by the excellent Ben and Joe Broughton. Joe Broughton (Albion Band) coincidentally is a future folk in the barn guest, as he will be part of Chris While's band when she comes to the Barn in September. So please go along and get a preview.
"I have known the Brothers since they were youngsters and watched them mature into great, gifted players. Together they have drive, energy and taste. Joe and Ben are a class act, and you shouldn't miss them." - Dave Swarbrick

Event details at
The running order for the afternoon is....


1300 1330 30mins IAN PETRIE
1345 1430 45mins SALLY IRONMONGER
1445 1545 60 mins MOVEABLE FEAST
1600 1700 60 mins BEN & JOE BROUGHTON (to replace CQ)
Have great afternoon if you go....


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