From: Cathy Pound [cathy_dot_pound_at_ntlworld_dot_com]
Sent: 14 February 2007 11:01
Subject: Rattlebag

Three seasoned campaigners causing a stir around South Kent in the time-honoured folk tradition of word of mouth are Rattlebag.
Rattlebag performs an eclectic mix of music, both traditional and original. The trio consists of the legendary (at least in Seabrook) Jack Pound who plays guitar and harmonica, Kevin Richards who plays djembe, pecussion and guitar and Chris Tophill, accordionist. All sing.
The pedigree of the band goes back a long way and, if interested you can discover more by logging onto their website (Ratlebag page) or forthcoming rattlebag/myspace. Come and see us, y'all, and make up your own minds!
Jack released Nomad Jack's, his ninth album of original material at the end of 2006. Check out website for all album details.