From: Jon Chipperton [jon_at_chipperton_dot_plus_dot_com]
Sent: 15 April 2007 17:35
Subject: Live at The Dove Gigs
Hi Beau,
Appreciate if you could include our next 3 gigs in your listing.

Sunday 6th May|Live at The Dove|Guest:David Gwilliamís Blues Bandit|a straight ahead, powered up rhythm and blues session from the ever popular singer/guitarist and his hand picked stars|4.30-6.45pm|Free.


Sunday 3rd June|Live at The Dove|Guest:Open Harp Surgery|Blues harmonica/vocal from Nigel Feist with Russel Groomson guitar|4.30-6.45pm|Free..


Sunday 8th July|Live at The Dove|Guest:Billy Ebeling: a return visit from Kansas City, USA|A gifted musician of laid back southern states blues|If you missed him last year donít make the same mistake again|Special guest:Brendan Power||4.30-6.45pm|Free.


If there are any questions please contact me on 07786 191648.
Many thanks.