From: SEFAN [admin_at_sefan_dot_org_dot_uk]
Sent: 10 May 2007 13:26
Cc: Peter McClelland
Subject: SEFAN:2007-05-10:01. Two news items for SEFAN Central.
Dear Network Folk


At the moment many gigs and events are being added to the Calendar page on the SEFAN website,
but sadly I do not have the time resource to individually enter all Folk Clubs', Morris stands' programme dates etc.
I've thought this a little unfair on the Clubs within our membership.

So I now suggest that their programmes could be posted on the Bulletin Board page of our site, with links from the
news/listing entries and calendar.

I'd also like to include our Morris sides' practice day + location in the Clubs section of the listings.

So if all interested parties would like to start sending me their programmes / details etc. - preferably as plain text / .rtf /.pdf /.jpg (but not
a straight Word.doc unless you don't mind a cut'n'paste into plain text), I'll do the biz and post em up.


You may have heard that SEFAN did not get the 5-year grant we had applied for from the Big Lottery Fund. 
They informed us that the application wasn't suitable (in spite of previously telling us that it was, at draft submission stage) and that it should 
be covered by the Arts Council ... regardless of ACE's announced intention NOT to fund any projects of over a year's duration (due to having its 
own budget cut) !!!

This has left us without a coherent Youth Programme and no administrative support from grant funding. It also means that we cannot afford any 
more student placements and the Risk and Start-Up Fund has had to be suspended for the time being.
(so get out there and find us members / sponsors / grants etc!!!)

In spite of this setback, I have decided to add to my workload (!) by moving from one subscription renewal month to a rolling full
year from date of joining. Thus not short-changing any June, July applications and giving an added incentive to join up.
Most of our existing members have now migrated to the October renewal date - this will only affect new members after Oct.2006.  

all the best
Penny Allen

General Manager (IT and bottle-washer)

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