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Can somebody send this to the morris list and any other list that might be
appropriate? Not a whole lot of notice. . . .


To all traditional dancers!

The BBC have contacted EFDSS to try and find traditional dancers to take
part in their new series "Dance X" this is a TV competition that is
being made by the same producers as "Strictly Come Dancing". The BBC
feel that traditional dance is not being represented in the auditions
they have held so far. And would welcome any dancers from the
Morris/Clog and country dance tradition. They mentioned that traditional
dress/costume is a bonus and that groups or solo dancers can audition
although they are looking for individuals.
The auditions take place this Saturday 19th of May and next Saturday the
26th of May at the BBC television centre from 9.00am.
If you are interested in taking part please contact us at Cecil Sharp House
(020 7485 2206) as
soon as possible so that we can pass your information on. The BBC are so
desperate to get traditional dancers that your auditions will take
priority over others. So get your name down if this sounds like
something for you!

Trevor Gilson 02380 456337
SCoFF webmaster
Southern Counties Folk Federation

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