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Whoops. 'The Gold Country' I should have written (thanks, Brian)

I should also have pointed out that Lester promised to play some more tracks in coming weeks.

You might like some instructions on a quick route to the show and others like it. Note that you need to have a Real Player installed - available for all platforms, PC, Linux and Mac (although I believe the Mac version is without pause and fast forward). I'm on Ubuntu Linux on my wireless-linked laptop which I play through our main audio and it's very satisfactory. Also much easier to avoid all the Real Networks advertising! (just refuse all suggestions during installation on PC). There is a link to Real on the Beeb website.

To find the show: go to the BBC home page   and look about 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the page in the middle - there you'll see a heading RADIO and just to the right of it 'Listen to the shows you've missed' which is a link to the Radio Player. Once that is up you've a list of stations and genres to choose from - go to Music, Folk & Country and you'll see 'Folkwaves' amongst those on offer. About half the shows are folk and half country. Also available are all the Radio Ballads (old and new).

While you're at it why not write to your own local BBC Radio and ask them why there is no regular folk-based show such as many other parts of the country have (at a quick scan the nearest are Johnny Coppin in Gloucester/Oxford  and Genevieve Tudor in Hereford/Worcester/Shropshire).

On 26 May 2007 at 14:09, scoff_webmaster wrote:

> Gene Burton
> As many of you will know, Former Southampton-ite Gene Burton recently
> won the EFDSS songwriting competition at Cheltenham with the song 'The
> Gold Standard'. As a result, Gene sent the CD in to Radio Derby and
> 'The Gold Standard' was broadcast last Monday 21 May on the
> 'Folkwaves' programme presented by Mick Peat and Lester Simpson, and
> broadcast on local radio across four counties around Derby.
> This programme may be heard on BBC 'Listen Again' on the internet
> until it is replaced by next Monday's new version. Gene's song is
> right at the end of the two-hour programme, but the whole is always
> worth a listen (and you can fast forward).
> Try also Colum Sands' excellent weekly programme on Radio Ulster if
> you're into internet radio.

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