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Hello Beau and Greetings from Folkestone
News travels down the Grapevine and eventually reaches these far outposts of Kent - and this time it’s about you!
Something about filming music and dancing in Kent for the BBC – not sure of your timescales, maybe it’s over and done or not for another 6 months – however, some thoughts….
You’re welcome to les Batons any month. May’s do is this weekend – Sunday 20th May, Hollingbourne Village Hall . From 12noon to 1pm there is a music workshop/session for interested musicians to try playing in the French style (whatever that may be). Two of our regular dancers, Satu and Julian, are also into Cajun and Zydeco and this month are doing an impromptu Zydeco workshop in the back room of the hall from 12 noon to 1pm. Our usual 1pm to 5pm dance follows on.
The next les Batons is on June 17th, but we then break for the summer – nothing in July and Aug, then start again on Sept 16th.
Do you know about Kerry Fletcher’s Appalachian Cloggers in Faversham, Alexander centre on a Thurs evening? – they have 2 musicians rather than CDs – might be 2 Chris’s, banjo and accordion.
I’ve done a couple of Salsa workshops/dances with a really sparky lady – Sharon – who has classes in New Romney on a Friday night (I only have a mobile contact 07904091946)
And have you heard that there’s going to be a Folkestone Multicultural Festival 14th – 17th June? (Probably not, I’m not confident about the advertising!). The lottery fund gave a £10K grant to “Folkestone Town Centre Management” to start this festival. There was a launch last Friday here, programmes and a poster are available (I’ve attached a copy of the poster. There is a lot of East Kent input – individuals and bands. Vagabonds and Happy Trails are doing a joint dance in the evening of Fri 15th. "Music for Change" have organised a Global event (draft flyer attached too) on the Friday afternoon (les Batons are doing a slot) and there’s loads of other stuff both Thurs and Sat, including dancing and music from our local Gurkha/Nepalese community.
There is a very delightful lady - Barbara Witham - trying to co-ordinate the whole thing. Her contact details are
Barbara Witham
Events Organiser, Folkestone Town Centre Management
Tel: 01303 850522
Fax: 01303 240332
Sandgate Road, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 2BQ
It would be great if you would add the festival to the Kent Folk site! If it works this year, it may be the start of a regular event down here, which would be wonderful...Just sorry I cant email a programme - if you come on Sunday I'll give you a handful, I'm carrying a boxfull round in the car!
Anyway, I realise I can talk for England so will shut up and sign off...
Angi (Pendreich)
les Batons
(French and Breton music and dance)

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