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Sent: 14 May 2007 07:31
Subject: Re: Tommy Peoples sold out _at_ Lewes Arms day & evening
Good luck. I'll continue to point enquirers in your direction. By the way, I've received this and am passing it on for what it's worth:

'Hi Valmai
I've been meaning to e-mail you for weeks but life's
just been like that lately. When we met last you
agreed to pass on a request for me to Tommy Peoples.
A couple of years ago at the Burwell Bash summer
school, one of my flute classmates suggested I should
learn Tommy's beautiful composition Gentle Breeze. I
did so and it's become a favourite, but I should very
much like to hear the composer play it himself. Could
you please ask if it would be possible to include it
when he plays at the Lewes Arms on 9th June?
Many thanks
Blanche May'

All the best,


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