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Hi Everyone
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Thats the official bit over with, now for the fun stuff....

Firstly a quick announcement. If you were thinking of coming to the FiB'ers night tonight then please don't because its not happening. Unless we want to accompany the Kingston Parish Council Meeting, and I'm not sure that would be much fun ....unless their meetings are like the ones on the Vicar of Dibley - Yes? No no no no no no
For those newbies, FiB'ers stands for FolkintheBarners and its just a group of friendly folk who get together once a month and bring their guitars and teabags and try out new songs or bash away together, sort of like a folk club, sort of like a session but not. More like having some friends round to your house and having a singsong and a cuppa. The cuppa is most important. It's very informal and enjoyable and anyone is welcome. It's now held at the Kingston Barn, (which I wish was my house!) And is supposed to be on the second monday in the month. However the Parish Council have got it this time so next one will be Feb 12th. Hope to see lots of you there.

Right then - gig bizz!
The prog for the next 5 months is up on the website now, and more is still being arranged.
January 28th of course is going to be the incredible Beth Nielsen Chapman. (Did anyone see Calendar Girls over Christmas?) - Completely sold out - with a loooong waiting list, we'll have to have her back sometime, if she's willing.
Feb - Im catching up on other things!

March 10th - ColvinQuarmby at the Whitstable Playhouse.

Tickets are now available for that from the Playhouse box office. Please ring them on 01227 272042 Monday to Saturday 10am to 12noon. If you have any probs getting hold of them, please let me know. I don't like not being the box office cos I won't know whose coming! Do drop me a line if you're intending to come.

CQ are being supported by excellent local Band Waterhorse, you may have seen them at Broadstairs Folk Week. They are building a lot of support locally and I thought it would make a nice evening to combine the two.
ColvinQuarmby for the uninitiated .....(skip the next 8 - yes 8!! paragraphs if you've seen them before)

Hmm- hard to categorise, simply because there is no-one else like them. Hard for me to describe - I love them so much I've become their Agent. It's much better to listen to the words of others. Ben Campbell from Folk on the Moor (Dartmoor Folk Club) saw them for the first time last summer at Swanage Festival. As soon as he got home he rang me and said he had to book them immediately for his club. He said in 40 years of running folk clubs and being involved in this music, he'd never seen anything like it, absolutely loved them. Same happened in Norfolk at Reedham Ferry Festival, the guys from Boston Folk Club, Lincs said more or less the same. At the CQ Christmas gig in Portsmouth a few weeks ago, the Plymouth people and the Lincolnshire people had travelled all that way just to see them. To me - that says it all.
Alan Surtees - Director Shrewsbury Folk Festival says .....

"ColvinQuarmby have brought a breath of fresh air to the festival scene. They are one of the most entertaining and professional acts in the UK. Offering a diversity in musical styles and featuring four excellent musicians, ColvinQuarmby have that extra magic which separates them from the merely excellent, they are outstanding.
Gerry Colvin has written some great songs and he delivers them with an effervescence and vitality that immediately wins over audiences. The bands performance slips by far too quickly and you find that you have been smiling throughout." There's more quotes and info on their Myspace
Just last week I was talking to an agent and promoter in Bristol who has known them for years. She said and again this is oft repeated - ' I really don't understand why they aren't Superstars by now' Well it is starting to happen and its long overdue. The Gosport and Fareham Easter Festival Line up was announced last week by email, it read - and I quote exactly....
"Kate Rusby, John Tams, Seth Lakeman, Show of Hands, ColvinQuarmby, John Renbourn and Robin Williamson are among the many top-name artists appearing at this year's Gosport & Fareham Easter Festival (April 5-9)."
Esteemed company indeed.

The facts - CQ are a four piece band, traditional line up Guitars - lead, rythmn, bass and drums. Original contemporary songs. Clever clever writing (read the lyrics to discover just how brilliant Gerry is with words) Is it 'Folk'? well inasmuch as the songs are about real people and real events for example and its very important to Gerry that the audience hear the words. The song styles range from heartbreaking and thought provoking ballads to catchy singalong folkrock/folkpop anthems. Its impossible not to join in, even the most reluctant joiner in-er will be infected by Gerry's enthusiasm and warmth. Oh and you might laugh a bit as well. Four part harmonies, four great musicians, just a great night out.
Anyone that can write a song about the journey of a Church Bell, from being the Ore under the ground to its creation and grand position calling men home from war till its eventual destruction and decay back to the ground it came from........staggering stuff.
Someone wrote to me over Christmas and said - "Music helps the world go round, so what you are doing at FITB is more important than you may realise." at the risk of sounding a bit cheesy I absolutely agree. The world can be a tough place and In all the misery, and intolerance and aggression, music can unite people and just take away their problems for a few hours and no-one I've seen can do that better than CQ, I honestly mean that.
Enough wittering on - I could witter on for England when its something I'm passionate about!!
Tickets are £12 and £10 for concessions and I've heard they are selling well already. The Playhouse is a gorgeous little theatre, very easy to find, its right on the High Street in Whitstable and there's a large carpark behind. Doors and spacious comfortable bar open at 7.15pm, music starts 7.45pm
***end of shameless CQ promotion***

Other events in brief (I promise ha ha)...

April 21st - John Tams and Barry Coope - fab fab duo, Tickets £13 and £11 from me as usual. Venue -Canterbury Cathedral ISC - doors 7.15pm for 8pm

May 17th - Steve (Show of Hands) Knightley & Jenna Witts Tickets £12 and £10 Venue - CCISC (as above)

Bob Perry asked me to thank those of you who supported his recent online auction for Anna Esslemont. His amazing efforts and generous donations from some of the UK's top Roots musicians have raised a considerable £3300.
Thanks for reading, thanks for all your lovely emails and cards over Christmas. Looking forward to another great musical year.

Debs Earl

07799 790 738
18 Derringstone Downs, Barham
Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QE

For tickets (except CQ) Email your requirements then send a cheque payable to 'D Earl' and post to .......
18 Derringstone Downs
Kent, CT4 6QE

and include a Stamped Addressed Envelope for returning the tickets, many thanks.

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