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Hi all.....

At the risk of being struck down for blasphemy, or worse....
sounding like an episode of Friends!!!

OH MY GOD........OH MY GOD..... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooooo excited.....

something really amazing happened this week.....

and I can't wait to tell you here goes.....

The biggest project yet for Folk in the Barn has just been arranged for the end of January. And it was all the result of a chance telephone conversation. In fact I feel a bit guilty because a very nice fellow promotor from the North of England told me its taken her 5 YEARS to get this booking!!! And I got it in 5 hours, Shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell her.
Ok Ok Who is it then, I hear you ask! I'm too excited to tell..
I'm going to give you some clues, just to keep you in suspense a little longer, please forgive me!
She's described as one of the pre-eminent singer/songwriters of her generation.
Her songs have been covered by a wide selection of artists including Emmylou Harris, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Waylon Jennings etc etc.
She is very beautiful and talented, and her life's journey has been incredibly tough, losing her husband to cancer and then having to fight the disease herself. Her struggles are reflected in the depth and spirituality of her work.
She is sometimes described as a Country artist, but doesn't agree with that description. She believes her style is her own, and is a melting pot of folk, rock, country, jazz and pop.
People that have worked with her say she has an amazing presence. Maart Allcock, who tours with her said this to me this week.... "No one is immune. I've seen people reel from her songs like they've been whacked. I've seen grown men, unwillingly brought to the gig by their more knowledgeable spouses, melt into blubber" (He said I could quote him as long as I also explained that her performance is very moving, it is uplifting and not depressing!)
Her Songs regularly show up on TV and in the movies...
ER, Dawsons Creek, The Prince of Egypt, Message in a Bottle to name a few.
She's had a Grammy nomination and in 1999 was chosen as Nashville Songwriter of the Year.
She headlined at Cropredy Festival last year to great response.
Elton John performed her song "Sand and Water" (written for her husband) on his1997 US tour in place of "Candle in the Wind" to honour the memory of Princess Diana.
Wogan loves her and plays her often (But don't let that put you off!!!!!) ha ha

Do you know who it is yet?

Ok if you've read this far, you've earned it.........

Folk in the Barn - happily and proudly presents..........

on Sunday 28th January 2007

at Canterbury Cathedral International Study Centre


Tickets £20 or £18 for concessions.

There - I'll leave you to ponder but first let you know a few bits and pieces of other news.

There's 6 tickets left for Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts supported by Beck Sian on Sat 25th Nov in the Kingston Barn. I'm sure they won't hang around much longer so if you're interested please let me know asa...
Only 24 left now for Lazarus and Megson on the 16th Dec.

If you're new to this list, a belated warm welcome and apologies for my over-enthusiasm above, I'm normally quite calm. If you know of anyone who you think would like the music we put on at Folk in the Barn, please feel free to forward the email or print it out and put it up on a works message board or whatever!! Sometimes
the emails bounce back due to spamcop or similar.
I'm going to try and organise an extra page on the website for the latest newsletter so you can access them that way.
If you'd like tickets for any of the gigs please book in the usual way, ie, send me an email or ring. And follow it up with a cheque and SAE. Next year I might look into organising bookings online. If anyone knows how to do that please let me know.
I should add that tickets for Beth will go on sale to the general public from Next Wednesday. Folk in the Barners have till then to get priority booking. This'll be a very special one, (and a ticket could make an interesting and unique Christmas present!!)
One more snippet whilst I remember - those of you who bought the Miranda Sykes Band album or came to the MSB gig - Beth NC wrote 'Happy Girl'
Here are some weblinks....

Beth's website

Amazon reviews

Beth's interview on Womans Hour

Hope you're enjoying Canterbury Festival. I saw the Hothouse Flowers last night at the Marlowe, they were great as were their support act. Two Canadian singer/songwriters Lisa and Brenley, known as Mad Violet. Reminded me of the Indigo Girls, with lovely smokey vocals and great guitar playing. Lisa was pretty hot on fiddle as well, and the encore with the Flowers was very rousing! They're touring over here next year, look out for them.
Thats more than enough for one email. Thanks as ever for your support.


Debs Earl

07799 790 738
18 Derringstone Downs, Barham
Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QE

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