From: Jon Chipperton [jon_at_chipperton_dot_plus_dot_com]
Sent: 04 August 2006 07:58
Subject: Live at The Dove Gigs
Hi Beau,
Below is our Autumn programme.  Appreciate if you could include the information in your listings.  Hope the format is OK.
The Dove|Plum Pudding Lane|Dargate|Nr Faversham|ME13 9HB|01227 751360
Sunday 3rd September|Live at The Dove|Guest:Jazz Police|Jarrod and Jim superb acoustic swing jazz|4.30-6.45pm|Free
Sunday 1st October|Live at The Dove|Guest:John Pearson with Kevin Richards|the legendary acoustic blues artist with stunning percussionist|4.30 - 6.45pm|Free
Sunday 5th November|Live at The Dove|Guest:Migden and Gibson|a vocal powerhouse of rhythm and blues|4.30 - 6.45pm|Free
Sunday 3rd December|Live at The Dove|Guest:Brendan Power and Dave Peabody|outstanding blues harmonica guitar and vocals|4.30 - 6.45pm|Free
Many thanks
Jon Chipperton
07786 191648