From: Sheila Miller [sheilamiller55_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 29 August 2006 18:40
Subject: Cellar Upstairs September 2006 to January 2007

Here is the programme for the Cellar Upstairs for September 2006 to January 2007. I hope we'll see you on some of these dates. You'll notice that we're changing our entrance fees slightly, and reverting to having a member's and a non-member's price, as we did years ago before the licensing laws became a problem; unwaged people will pay £1 less than the prices quoted. Sheila Miller (club organiser)

VENUE: The club meets on Saturdays at 8.15pm at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston and Euston Square stations; parking is easy ). INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; (PUB: 020
7387 5440. NB: People at the pub are not particularly well informed about the club, so please don't give this number; it's better to give the number above.) ENTRANCE: Members: £5, non-members: £6 (unwaged £1 less) except on nights marked *, when it will be £6 and £7. Membership: £2. (People no longer have be members to attend the club.) ACCESS: The club room is up a short staircase.
RESIDENT PERFORMERS: Peta Webb, Ken Hall, Gail Williams, Jim Younger, Bob Wakeling
9 SEPT: RON TAYLOR and JEFF GILLETT sing mainly English traditional songs. Ron, a great English singer with a very fine voice, formerly sang with the Songwainers, a famous group in the 70s, and with Regal Slip, a very fine harmony group. Jeff, formerly with Fubar and Malarki, is an excellent guitarist. 16 SEPT: JEFF WARNER is a singer of traditional American songs, a musician (concertina and guitar) and the son of famous collectors (Frank and Ann Warner, who collected old-time songs in the Appalachians and elsewhere), on a visit from the US. 23 SEPT: closed for Frank Harte memorial weekend, Dublin 30 SEPT*: JOHN KIRKPATRICK is one of the folk scene's greats. He plays accordion, melodeon and concertina; he sings; and he's written many great songs and tunes - Laundroloverette, A Length of Yarn, Pepper in the Brandy, etc. He also dances, and founded the dance team the Shropshire Bedlams, though he probably won't dance tonight. 7 OCT: JIM CAUSLEY, a fine and engaging Devon singer of mainly traditional songs, is one of the scene's young stars, and is also a member of the trio the Devil's Interval. He plays accordion, and forms an easy rapport with audiences. 14 OCT: EMILY PORTMAN and LAUREN McCORMICK are the other two-thirds of the Devil's Interval. These likeable young singers perform traditional and other songs, some with flute and concertina 21 OCT: PETA WEBB, KEN HALL and SIMON HINDLEY play American, Irish, English and blues songs, some solo, some in harmony and others with guitar and possibly fiddle. Peta and Ken are known for their fine solo and harmony singing; Simon is an excellent exponent of the blues. 28 OCT: FRANKIE ARMSTRONG is a feminist singer with a strong voice and a varied repertoire, which consists of traditional and contemporary songs about women. She is a particularly fine eexponent of traditional ballads. 4 NOV: ELLEN MITCHELL, from Glasgow, sings traditional Scots songs, including some ballads, and a few modern ones, some comic. She has won traditional singing competitions run by Scotland's Traditional Music and Song Association at national events. 11 NOV: PEGLEG FERRET's repertoire encompasses a wide range of styles including north-eastern industrial songs, contemporary song and music hall, sung in harmony. The band toured extensively in Britain and Europe for many years, stopped for a long time, and got together again a few years ago.They are not often seen in the south. June Tabor says, "Vocal partnerships as fine as Pegleg Ferret happen so seldom - I consider myself very lucky indeed not just to have heard them but to have sung with them." 18 NOV: MARY HUMPHREYS and ANAHATA have been a duo for two or three years. They perform traditional English and Welsh songs, with banjo, cello, concertinas, melodeons and pipes. 25 NOV: SANDRA KERR is an experienced and popular singer and multi-instrumentalist. She has also composed many fine songs and tunes that are sung and played by other artists, such as We Were There and The Maintenance Engineer. 2 DEC: MERIDIAN is based on the driving chordal work of Richard Jones on accordion, the intricate melodic lines of Chris Walshaw on accordion and the rhythmic harmonies of Anna Tabbush on fiddle and flute; Anna is also an excellent young singer. They perform songs and tunes from Britain and Europe, on fiddle, flute, piano, pipes, whistle, and guitar. 9 DEC: The KLEZMER KLUB is a great band that performs a wide range of material from the Jewish tradition - tunes that make you want to dance and stirring, lively and sad songs.
6 JAN*: NANCY KERR and JAMES FAGAN are well-loved young performers, the former English and the latter Australian, with an international following. Their repertoire includes English, Australian and other songs and tunes on various instruments - fiddle, viola, bouzouki, etc; they sing solo and in harmony. 13 JAN: CRAIG, MORGAN, ROBSON - Moira, Sarah and Carolyn, respectively - offer lovely singing and great harmonies. They sing traditional and other songs.

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