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Sent: 28 December 2006 17:14
Subject: Cellar Upstairs, January to June 2007
Here is the programme for the Cellar Upstairs for January to June 2007. I hope we'll see you all soon.
Have a good new year.
Sheila Miller (club organiser, 020 7281 7700)

VENUE AND TIME: The club meets on Saturdays at 8.15pm at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London NW1 2HR (just of Drummond Street, near Euston and Euston Square stations; parking is easy).
INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; (PUB: 020 7387 5440)
ENTRANCE: Members: £5, non-members: £6 except on nights marked *, when it will be £6 and £7 (unwaged £1 off all prices). Membership: £2 per annum. (People no longer have be members to attend the club.)
ACCESS: The club room is up a short staircase.
RESIDENT PERFORMERS: Peta Webb, Ken Hall, Gail Williams, Jim Younger, Bob Wakeling, Sue Turpin, Frankie Cleave

6 JAN*: NANCY KERR and JAMES FAGAN are a popular young duo who perform English, Australian and other songs and tunes with various instruments. Nancy is the daughter of Sandra Kerr, and James part of the Fagan Family, a big name on the Australian scene.
13 JAN: CRAIG, MORGAN, ROBSON (Moira, Sarah and Carolyn, respectively) sing traditional and other songs (for example, they do a very effective version of Ralph McTell’s song Peppers and Tomatoes); lovely singing and great harmony.
20 JAN: ROY BAILEY is a very popular singer of political, children’s and other songs. He used to perform with Leon Rosselson, some of whose songs he still sings, Frankie Armstrong and the Band of Hope (with Martin Carthy et al), and he has for many years done a show about songs of dissent with the veteran politician Tony Benn.  
27 JAN: MARTIN and SHAN GRAEBE sing traditional English songs, many in harmony, and Martin’s own fine songs, many of which are performed by other singers, eg, Jack in the Green, From Severn by the Somme and Honiton Lace. Shan and Martin are very much involved in researching the work of Victorian song collector Sabine Baring-Gould; Martin is the leading expert on Baring-Gould’s collection.
3 FEB: ANDY TURNER and MAT GREEN are two fine musicians from Oxfordshire, who perform mainly English traditional songs and tunes on fiddle and concertina. Mat, a member of the famous Bampton Morris (one of very few traditional sides left in the country) has been known to do a solo jig while playing the fiddle. Andy is a member of the group Magpie Lane and the dance band Geckoes. He has also worked with Chris Wood, the Oyster Band and the Mellstock Band.
10 FEB: The NEW DEAL STRING BAND is the best American old-time band in the UK, and is made up of Tom and Ben Paley and Joe Locker (Tom is a legend in old-timey music, and the only person I know who actually played with Woody Guthrie). The band performs American songs and tunes on guitars, banjos and fiddles.
17 FEB: closed
24 FEB: RATTLE ON THE STOVEPIPE is a trio of excellent and experienced performers (Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper and Dan Stewart) playing English and American songs and tunes. All have played in various other duos and bands, eg, Dave with his then wife Toni Arthur, and Pete with Peta Webb.
3 MAR: Popular US duo BAYOU SECO (Jeanie McLerie and Ken Keppler) come from Silver City, New Mexico, and perform old-time, Cajun and Tex-Mex songs and tunes on various instruments and with great good humour. Jeanie was first famous in the 60s as half of the duo Sandy and Jeanie.
10 MAR: LEON ROSSELSON is one of Britain’s great songwriters; he writes serious and comic, political and other songs (he’d object to the “other”: “All songs are political,” he says). His songs have been performed by many other singers, including Billy Bragg and Dick Gaughan; songs include The World Turned Upside Down, Across the Hills, Little Tim Maguire and Don’t Get Married, Girls.
17 MAR: TOM SPIERS is a very fine Aberdeenshire singer and musician, who performs traditional Scottish songs and ballads. Brought up in a singing family, he knew and learned from legendary singers such as Jeannie Robertson, Jimmy McBeath and Lizzie Higgins. He was a founder members of the Gaugers, a very popular group in the 1960s and 70s, and now plays in the trio Shepheard, Spiers & Watson.  In 2006, Tom was nominated as Scots singer of the year in the Scottish Traditional Music Awards and the group was nominated as Scottish folk band of the year.
24 MAR: BESKYDY is a popular band of fine musicians with a lovely singer, performing eastern European and Klezmer songs and tunes, some of which make people want to dance, while others are more lyrical or melancholy.
31 MAR: - 14 APRIL: closed for Easter and Cyril Tawney day at Cecil Sharp House
21 APRIL*: TIM VAN EYKEN is a very talented young singer-musician, formerly with Waterson- Carthy. He won the 1998 BBC Young Folk Award and is now nominated for two BBC folk awards (ceremony: 5th February 2007). He performs mainly traditional songs and tunes.
28 APRIL*: MICHAEL MARRA is a witty, idiosyncratic Scots singer and writer of Like Another Rolling Stone, Hermless, General Grant’s Visit to Dundee and many other great songs. He accompanies himself on piano and guitar. He has a big following in Scotland, but is still less well known in the south.
5 MAY: MICK SANDS is a man of many talents. A Geordie-Irish singer with a very fine voice, he sings mainly traditional songs, and also plays the flute, whistle and bodhran. He has written music and been the musical director for many theatrical productions, including two or three seasons with the RSC.
12 MAY: closed for Keith Summers weekend and Watersons concert
19 MAY: EMILY and HAZEL ASKEW are a talented young duo who perform mainly English traditional songs and tunes on fiddle and melodeon. Former members of the Hampshire band Rubber Chicken, Hazel and Emily were finalists in the New Roots competition and have been booked at Sidmouth, Towersey and other festivals.
26 MAY: closed for bank holiday
2 JUNE TIM LAYCOCK is an excellent singer and musician with a large repertoire including traditional and contemporary songs. He plays concertina, melodeon and harmonica, and has set many poems to music, including several that have been widely sung by other performers, such as The Trampwoman’s Tragedy (by Hardy) and Row On, Row On. He has performed with Magic Lantern, the Albion Band and the Mellstock Band, and has played in five productions at the National Theatre, as well as plays at various other theatres.
9 JUNE MICK RYAN and PETE HARRIS perform traditional English and Irish songs and quite a few of Mick’s own songs, which range from the sublime to the deliberately ridiculous. Mick is a very fine singer of Irish songs in particular, and Pete is a skilled guitarist and accompanist.
16 JUNE* DICK GAUGHAN is a popular and powerful Scots singer who performs mainly political songs, a few of them written by himself (eg, A Different Kind of Love Song), as well as a few traditional and Burns songs.

After that, the club is closed until Saturday 8th September.

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