From: Seagull Strange [info_at_seagullstrange_dot_com]
Sent: 14 November 2006 08:48
Subject: Free track from upcoming British band Seagull Strange
To download a FREE track from Seagull Strange go to:

We hope you enjoy the track. It's called 'Sulla's Return' and is exclusively for download from the above link.
All the band asks is that you forward this e-mail on to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone you know that enjoys music.
If you like it and want to hear or find out more about the band then go to:

Or check out:

Or look out for Seagull Strange's debut album 'Better Angels of our Nature' which is due for a January '07 release on Shifty Disco and will be available in most music shops (Virgin, HMV, etc.).