From: Watson, Sue [sue_dot_watson_at_pfizer_dot_com]
Sent: 05 September 2006 13:19
Subject: Deal FC - Oct/Nov

Attachments: Kent Folk Calendar.doc

Hi Beau,

Thanks for adding the festival stuff and the Folk Club link onto the website. Here are our entries for October/November - I don't know how to make the Folk Club link come out like you have (ie. link into the club website) - if you can send me instructions on how to do this I'll do it in future.
Maybe you could add onto the October news that Suave finally have a CD out. Yes, after more than 10 years of singing together Avril and I decided to record some of the songs for posterity. It is called The Sound of Singing and is hot off the press (I picked them up yesterday!).
Thanks for your help,

Kind Regards,
Sue Watson