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Jim Crawford's gig at Crawley Blues Club last week was excellent......I was crying with laughter, along with everybody else, as he proceeded to tell numerous stories about fishing, drinking whisky, Brenda, glitter-balls & several other obscure subjects adding a song about Lancashire Hot Pot for good measure.  He really is an excellent performer, his voice is one of the best in the country & he picks a damn fine guitar.....he's a complete entertainer (& a complete nutter!) not just "an blooz singer".  A great night out, well worth the drag over to Crawley & good to see several Bottleneck members there too.
There's an interesting, newish, site worth a visit  which has been passed to me by my good friend John Welsh who puts on gigs up in Liverpool ~ The Scalley Blues Club ~ only kidding......It highlights several acts we've had & some we'll be having in the future (The Stumble).  One subject raised this week in their blog section which is worrying but comes as no surprise, is the demise of the blues scene in The States.  Nancy in Atlanta (Delta Moon, Geoff Achison, Jimi Hocking, King Oliver etc.) & I have been discussing this for years actually as she's finding it harder to get venues for her excellent stable of artists....It's not just the USA or blues of course but many "serious" music venues are finding it tough.....the Paris Jazz scene is apparently bombing too.  We do need a younger audience, not the first time I've said that but sadly there just aren't enough out there truly interested in the live music experience to keep the scene vibrant.  I guess we're lucky that The Bottleneck still gets a good crowd through the door but it doesn't happen by magic & I never take it for granted that you'll come out & part with your filthy lucre to see the superb acts I dredge up for you....thanks all the same, keep it up & do tell your never know, they may actually enjoy themselves.
Oh & one more point......Paris Hilton's single got in the charts....there is something radically wrong with a society that allows that to happen...discuss!!
The very excellent Ian Siegal Band will soon be gracing our stage ~ Tues 26th Sept _at_ The Roffen ~ I'll try to persuade Ian to open with an acoustic set before his superb band join him.  This will be a wonderful night & one which I'm really looking forward to
A couple for your diary ~ Friday 13th Oct in Maidstone is Rag Mama Rag + The Matt Schofield Trio
And Tues 31st Oct _at_ The Roffen another outstanding double bill Michael Pickett from Canada plus Smokestack one of our own "up there with the best" bands featuring Phil (guitar, vocals harmonica), Roger (bass) & Ali (percussion).  They play a great selection of country blues & their own compositions too & are strongly featured on the Brit festival circuit.
Do visit the links I give you, the sites are really interesting & most contain live sound-bites & further links to still more interesting sites.....the joys of cyber-space.
Right...see you at a gig I hope...doors 8:00pm ~ No Smoking in the performance/dining area ~ Great music, great grub, late licence &  much, much not much more actually, apart from the raffle!!
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