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Subject: FW: Culture Clash Rise Kagona (Bhundu Boy) vs Champion Doug Veitch

"The guitar playing that genuinely changed my life"

Andy Kershaw BBC Radio 3 


Culture Clash (Rise Kagona vs Champion Doug Veitch)

booking  Folk Clubs, Art Centres, Club Venues and Festivals

Rise Kagona: Founding member of The Bhundu Boys:

Champion Doug Veitch: Undisputed King of Caledonian Cajun Swing

Big article in last weeks observer on Culture Clash Rise Kagona vs Champion Doug Veitch,,1871579,00.html this year they have established their Festival credentials at

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Doug and Rise can work as a duo trio or full band,booking Art Centres, Club Venues and Festivals. They are based in the borders of Scotland so are accessible for anywhere in Europe. Please contact me if your interested in booking them. Rob Ellen 0044(0)1349864432 rob_at_medicinemusic_dot_co_dot_uk

New album recorded and nearly ready (Release date tbc)

The Bhundu Boys story in general, as you'll know is a story of our time both Scotland on Sunday and the Independent have done full colour features on Rise recently and Radio Scotland's Celtic Connections and long time fan BBC Radio 3 Andy Kershaw have done studio sessions . Given Doug (who is an under rated music pioneer in his own right, he still holds the record for NME Singles of the week, 6 in all) was the man who brought The Bhundu Boys here, and how seminal and auspicious that turned out to be for music in general, and "World Music" in particular , taken against the back drop of tragedy both for Zimbabwe and for her most famous musical sons The Bhundu Boys. Its is really a huge story, all be it a harrowing one, and now that Rise (who is a Guitar hero to many and incidentally is the most unassuming and accepting of people) has been discovered in such humble surroundings on our door step so to speak, but now with the chance of more happier times. Its a very human story, I'm very pleased to say people seem to be taking it readily to their hearts

Rise Kagona: Founding member of The Bhundu Boys:

Champion Doug Veitch: Undisputed King of Caledonian Cajun Swing

Culture Clash have an album on the way and we are booking concerts & festival dates in 2006 /2007 , available as a duo trio or band and based in the borders of Scotland and available to travel all of Europe. Rob Ellen 44(0)01349 864432 rob_at_medicinemusic_dot_co_dot_uk

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