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Dear Member,
 Hope you see you at some of our Autumn events.
Best wishes,
Peta Webb & Ken Hall


               MUSICAL TRADITIONS CLUB    

                                      AUTUMN  2006


     Friday 29th September     STANLEY ROBERTSON   Scottish Traveller and nephew of  Jeannie Robertson, acknowledged as the greatest singer of ballads ever recorded in Scotland. His knowledge of ballads and lore equals that of his aunt and he is also a renowned singer, storyteller and writer.     

With Vic and Tina Smith


 More about Stanley:

Stanley Robertson

Stanley is a relaxed, expansive and humorous storyteller, whose Aberdeenshire Scots and distinctive outlook on life makes every story he tells especially his own.  His stories include every kind of folktale; supernatural and trickster tales, comic stories, tales of faith and love, Jack stories and tales of Traveller life. They reflect the different trades at which he has worked, including his long years spent filleting in the Aberdeen fish hooses, where he has gathered many contemporary stories.Stanley Robertson has been recognised at home and abroad as a master storyteller. He is an Honorary Founder of the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

Born in Aberdeenshire in 1940 into a Traveller family which had settled there,his family background was rich in tradition, and from his Aunt Jeannie Robertson, he inherited a huge repertoire of North East ballads. 


".............I was utterly captivated by the power, timelessness and majesty of the expressive singing.  I knew by the time that he had finished the first verse that I wanted to learn that version  (of "Barbara Allen" ) and that here was an utterly compelling singer.  This was the first time that I heard Stanley Robertson.  If I had known that I was going to be listening to the nephew of Jeannie Robertson; the cousin of Lizzie Higgins, my expectations might have been higher, but I don't think I knew that until after I had heard him......... " 

 Vic Smith at




 Friday 20th October        TRIO THRELFALL   Sisters Jane and Amanda Threlfall provide unique interpretations of the true English tradition, breathing new life into songs in a way that makes you feel that it was always meant to be like this.
Accomplished musicians themselves, they are aided and abetted by the groupıs third member, Roger Edwards, a musician who does sensitive song accompaniment or positive English music with equal relish.

With The English String Band ( Reg Hall, Simon Ritchie, Will Duke, Ken Lees, Ian  Salter )


Friday 17th November, Will Noble & John Cocking. Welcome return of our favourite Yorkshire singers (and looking forward to John's hilarious monologues!).

With The Rakes


Friday 8th December Xmas Party featuring Jim Ward, master of the monologue and The Posh Band (Simon Ritchie, Ken Lees ....and many more)

Plus The Pigeon English Band (Sarah Crofts, Doug Adams and Paul Gross).




Date for your Diary :  Friday 12th January 2007. Anniversary night with special guests.


Admission for Members £6, Concessions £3.50.Non-Members £7, Concessions £4.

Membership no longer compulsory but Members will be given priority.


The King & Queen, 1 Foley Street, London W1W  6DL (at the junction of Foley Street and Cleveland Street). 8- 11pm. Nearest tube: Goodge Street /Warren Street/ Great Portland Street. Parking OK  after 6.30.


For further information,  contact : petawebken_at_aol_dot_com     or      0208 340 0530




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