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 NEW!!! Digital Albums :::

All Digital Albums (DAs) are 192kbps stereo MP3s, ready to download instantly and play on any digital player or burn to CD; liner notes and album graphics are included for most titles >>
Don Dixon
"The Entire Combustible World In One Small Room"
Don writes ten new ones, reflections on place; this is beyond post-modern, way ahead of the curve, Dixon's coolest album ever. Bonus track with vocals by Marti Jones. Digital Album $9.95  CD 14.95

Micah Wolf Micah Wolf
Micah Wolf"
Thought provoking acoustic folk-rock from Hawaii. Laid-back, emotional, and grounded in an ocean of melodies. Digital Album $9.95  CD 14.95


Marti Jones
"Unsophisticated Time"
     This classic album has been long out-of-print, but now reissued as a DA. You may find the CD on Ebay for $50, but why bother when you can get it now for less than $1 a track? Digital Album $9.95

Deborah Hord Deborah Hord
"Weird Duck (and other animal tales for grownups"
     Weird Duck spins real life into fables, fairy tales and folksy stories about ducks, dogs, birds, a snow goose, a donkey, a teddy bear and one tiny unnamed creature. Lyrics and chords are in the liner notes.  Digital Album $9.95

Brad Davis Brad Davis
"I'm Not Going to Let My Blues Bring Me Down"
Having spent the last fifteen years playing guitar with Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs and Billy Bob Thornton's rock band, Brad Davis now brings his acoustic guitar and songwriting talent to the forefront with the release of a new solo recording. Digital Album $7.95  CD 12.95

Cohorts Coastal Cohorts
"Wild Ponies"
      The first recording venture since the Original Cast Recording of King Mackerel; produced by Don Dixon and featuring eleven songs from the Cohorts. Don Dixon, Bland Simpson and Jim Wann. Digital Album $9.95  CD 14.95

Viktor Viktor Mastoridis
"The Sunny Island"
      Greek Bouzouki Instrumental music; brilliantly simple, yet evocative tunes to cheer you up, brighten your day, lighten your eves and surely make you feel better than before listening – or your money back. Viktor has 7 albums available on DA, browse them all:. Digital Album $6.00  

Joel Mabus Joel Mabus
"Western Passage- Suite for Solo Guitar"
      Another out-of-print classic now available for immediate download. Taking a sabbatical from his singer-songwriter career, Joel focuses on his guitar in this all-instrumental collection, first released in 1996. Digital Album $9.95  

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 News :::

efM  Back On the 'Bleeding Edge' With New "Digital Albums"
We've just moved into our new Internet "home" using ".NET" server technology in our continuing to effort to better serve the folk music community. Most of the changes are "under the hood", but we've got to toot our tuba about the new Digital Albums. Just like 1999, when we started selling mp3s to people who had never heard of them, we once again have a good idea that someone will make a killing on in about five years.
     Artists can now offer collections of downloadable tracks with artwork and production notes as a "Digital Album" (DA) at a special package price, usually around $10 for a CD-length album.  Upon purchase, the tracks are placed in your "Music Locker" for download anytime.
   In addition to making current and formerly out-of-print albums available for instant download, efM artists can create and publish DAs from any collection of recorded tracks. We hope that by lowering the bar for "album" publishing that we can increase the flow" of music from artists to fans. We've always believed in the advantages of digital music delivery, and this is just one more way for artists to stay in "high touch" with fans.
     Stay tuned as we build our collection of DAs!
Browse all our Digital Albums

P.S. Not to worry, we still sell MP3s by the track, as we have since 1999

Exceptional Musicians Wanted
       As always, efolkMusic is a "filtered" site, looking for the best musicians for our roster. We host over 6,000 folk fans EVERY DAY, and can get your music into more ears! Application is easy, just point us to where we can have a's more info >>

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