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Dear colleague,

I have been commissioned by David Kennedy (Peter's son) to sell Peter Kennedy's library of books and I have enclosed a list.

Some explanations.
They have been priced by looking at a number of databases which are available to the general public and I have used a median price, somewhere around where most other dealers have priced the book.
Virtually all the books have "Peter Kennedy" written on the book somewhere.
Others have been signed by the authors, in one case the indexer. These are marked.
Many originally belonged to Maud Karpeles and these are marked MK. One seems to be Sharp's own copy - the book is in poor condition but it is signed.
Some do not have prices against them. These items will go up on Ebay unless I get a good offer from someone. For what constitutes a good offer - try me!!
I am also placing Maud Karpeles own copy of the four volumes of Bronson's "Traditional Tunes to the Child Ballads" on Ebay with a starting price of 800.00. It is in excellent condition except for one cover which has torn and been repaired with brown tape. There are some annotations to it and its provenance is beyond question.
Feel free to contact me on 0114 2344044 or via email should you wish to ask any questions. I can send digital photographs of any books you are not sure about.
I have had dreadful computer problems recently so if there is a delay in replying to an email, call me with anything urgent.
All post and packing is extra and books will be posted using recycled material wherever possible. Contact me for cost.
I leave for Spain on September 20th for four/five weeks and any books not sold will be placed on Ebay at that time (beginning of November)
Best regards,
Dave Eyre


Today, I was phoned by Ray Goodswen from the board of directors of Halsway Manor Society (after he received a copy of the above email Bulletin).

He tells me that Halsway Manor Society strongly believe that they are, in fact, the actual owners of the Peter Kennedy Collection as Peter Kennedy himself had previously "GIFTED" the Collection to them.

This was done by deed and, although Peter later tried to rescind the GIFT by letter - the actual ownership is/was in law already transferred to HMS.
Ray says they had legal advice by a Judge on this. Subsequent attempts to sell the Collection have previously foundered.

Now it would appear that Peter's son, still believing himself to be the rightful owner, is attempting to break up the Collection and sell it piecemeal via David Eyre - an action that HMS will now have to contest.

So - take great care if you intend / are buying any of the collection from Mr. Eyres - as there is considerable confusion/contention over who actually legal owns it.

luv 1d x

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