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Subject: Gordon Giltrap in the CCISC & Exciting Booking for Nov!
Hello Folkfans
Me again with a spot of news to give you all a lift and take
your minds off the weather!!!!! Those of you not on the
East coast won't appreciate the significance of that, but believe me we've had ENOUGH RAIN now thanks!! Turn the sun back up to heat please! This mailout actually spreads all the way to the wilds of Rugby and Gloucester where of course it never rains.
Enough about the weather - Firstly a bit of news on behalf
of a friend and FITB listee. Sue Holton has organised a
fabulous concert in the CCISC to raise money for the Cathedral Choir. On Weds Sept 6th at 7.45 the legendary acoustic guitarist Gordon Giltrap will be performing, tickets £11 and £9cons available from....
Sue Holton 01843 588074 sue_at_sueholton_dot_co_dot_uk

Marlowe Theatre Box Office 01227 787787
Canterbury Tourist Information Centre 01227 378188 boxoffice_at_canterbury_dot_gov_dot_uk
I'm sure he needs no introduction to most of you but here's a bit of info to inspire and tempt you........
One of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in the UK today, Gordon Giltrap has developed his own unique style, much copied, but never bettered. With over 40 years in the business, Gordon continues to leave audiences awestruck as he coaxes incredible melodies from his many different guitars, so much so that you almost suspect a second pair of hands. The latest addition to the set list sees Gordon once again playing electric guitar and using a loop station to multitrack his music live on stage - the effect is truly amazing.
His compositions cross all musical genres and include the hit "Heartsong" which was used by the BBC for many years as the theme music for "Wish You Were Here" An evening with Gordon is an experience that no fan of the acoustic guitar can afford to miss, as he explains the stories behind his tunes and the history of his guitars, adding humour and charm to breathtaking talent.

Secondly some very exciting new for FITB. The Autumn series looks to be very popular and tickets are selling well for all the concerts, only a few left for Chris and Kellie so ring or email me if you'd like to come. I have just booked a support act for the Sean Lakeman and Kathryn Roberts gig on November 25th. We are extremely lucky to be having a visit from a new Australian artist, over here for her first UK tour. She is incredible, imagine Kate Bush, but more ethereal if possible more enchanting, with celtic fire and passion and you'd be near. Beck Sian, is actually Kate's cousin and has the same compelling presence and vocal range. Defying description and certainly in a category of her own, singer/songwriter Beck SiÓn is misty, romantic and - let's be honest - just a tad spooky (in the nicest possible way!). The overall presence is compelling, the sound hypnotic...totally unique and yet, somehow, familiar. Weaving the integrity of the traditional with a contemporary edgy interpretation, Beck's breath-taking soprano demands the attention of all music lovers.
Having grown up in Australia, Beck is about to make her very first UK concert tour to a few specially selected venues as her new cd release, Unfurling, lands on British soil. She's coming soon and bringing her guitar, didgeridoo and tin whistle with her!
If, upon hearing this new artist's amazing cd, you think there could be a slight parallel with singer Kate Bush; I shall let you in on a small secret: Kate and Beck SiÓn are cousins and Beck grew up with Cousin Kate's music wafting through the air. Familiar and yet totally unique, this new artist is about to take off in a very big way.
Bucketloads of charisma and a fabulous, enchanting delivery... Steve Harley, singer/songwriter/Cockney Rebel

A multi-layered unique artiste with a vocal gift to carry her anywhere. - Judith Durham of The Seekers
Really great. She's got an amazing voice. - Reg Presley of The Troggs
She is fabulous! Genevieve Tudor, Sunday Folk, BBC Radio

A lovely voice and interesting material...Dalton Delan, American Public Television
Gorgeous female vocals which are shivers-down-the-spine good! Beat Newspaper, Australia
There is an enormous range of emotion and feeling in that voice and persona; and, with that voice, she can do anything.... Andrew Wilson, BBC Radio
Brilliant Beck!
David Parker, Editor, The Beat International

Be one of the very first to know Beck Sißn.
CHECK OUT: www.becksian

We are very lucky to have booked her for this support. It's likely that on the strength of her reception she could be back to do a concert in her own right. Don't miss this amazing evening. Saturday 25th November - Kingston Barn, tickets a mere tenner.
See you around...
Probably at the Seth gig on Thurs night in Broadstairs!!



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