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Subject: FITB - Chris & Kellie While

Hello Everyone

Just a quick reminder to those wanting to come to see Chris and Kellie While in the Barn on 30th September. The tickets are selling fast now and there's only 30 left. If you are interested please let me know asap. You can book in the usual way or if you don't know what that is yet, details are on the website
I was lucky enough to catch the wonderful Uiscedwr at the weekend up at the Saddleworth Festival where CQ were closing the festival. They have a really fantastic style full of energy and that word I can never spell - rythum rhthym rhythm ??? take your pick! Anna is an amazing fiddler and with Kev Dempsey on accompanying guitar and young Cormac (Seths percussionist) on that other word I can't spell - Bhodran, Bodhran, Bohdrhan ??? they are creating some beautiful and exciting music. Anna also has a spellbinding voice, so much so that one of her songs is completely stuck in my head at the moment. I've no idea how I can spell Uiscedwr though!!!! but strangely I can! They are really nice people and very much looking forward to coming to the Barn on Dec 16th, tickets available for that gig now also.
Info for the Fibbers (informal musical gathering for those
unititated) - next session 31 August, probably back in the Methodist Hall. All very welcome.


Debs Earl

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