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Subject: John Harvey English tunes session, Tues. 1st. August

Dear Everyone,
The next English tunes session at the John Harvey Tavern, Bear Yard, Lewes, will be on Tuesday 1st. August from 8.00 pm onwards and will be led by Dan Quinn.
The next month's session will be on Tuesday 5th. September and will be led by John (Yogi) Allen.
If you would like to lead one of these sessions, which are always on the first Tuesday of the month, let me know.
LES BARKER _at_ LEWES ARMS FOLK CLUB, Saturday 9th. September, 6
JOHN KIRKPATRICK _at_ LEWES ARMS FOLK CLUB, Saturday 16th. September, 6
Anglo concertina workshop during the day, 30
NANCY KERR & JAMES FAGAN _at_ LEWES ARMS FOLK CLUB, Saturday 7th. October, 6
Separate fiddle and bouzouki/cittern/mandola/octave mandolin workshops during the day, 30 each
Booking forms for the evenings and the workshops are available from the club website
Tootle pip,
Valmai Goodyear
20, St. John's Terrace, Lewes, BN7 2DL

01273 476757

Lewes Arms Folk Club
Residents: Bryan Creer, Dave Earl, Sandra Goddard, Valmai Goodyear, Steve & Diane Nevill, George Oakley, Robert O'Mahony, Derek Seed

Workshops last a full Saturday and the tutor performs at the club in the evening. Booking forms are available from the club and can be printed from the website.

Mick Ryan & Pete Harris - Songwriting & folk drama, 18th. February
Coope Boyes & Simpson  - Vocal harmony, 1st. April
Georgina Boyes  - Early song collectors in Sussex, 1st. April (p.m.)
Gavin Bird, Melodeon, 3rd. June
Martin Carthy -  Guitar & song, 10th. June
Sandra Kerr -  Concertina (all systems) 8th. July
John Kirkpatrick  - Anglo concertina, 16th. September
Nancy Kerr  - Fiddle, 7th. October
James Fagan  - Bouzouki & cittern, 7th. October
Alistair Anderson - Concertina (all systems) 28th. October (a.m.)
Dave Townsend & Phil Humphries  - West Gallery Carols, Saturday 18th. November
Dave Townsend  - Sacred Harp, Sunday 19th. November
Phil Humphries  - Early Music for Folk Musicians, Sunday 19th. November
Brian Peters  - Melodeon, 2nd. December
Gordon Tyrrall - Whistle & Flute, 2nd. December
Brian Peters - Ballad Forum, Sunday 3rd. December

Penny Allen      /      Anthony John Allen

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