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English Folk Dance Demystified
Our job as teachers and callers at Broadstairs is make you feel welcome and relaxed, and to demystify the jargon.  If you are a complete beginner, you will already know how to make a circle, and probably a right or left hand star, so try the ceilidhs and our callers session for the utterly terrified novice dancer – your feedback will be invaluable for budding callers, some of whom will be equally terrified! If you have done a bit at barn dances and ceilidhs, and want to try something different, have a look at what’s on offer at the school – between us, we will be doing old, new, easy, demanding, English, American, all in an accessible and friendly way.  If you do not understand a piece of jargon, then please ask!  The odds are you won’t be alone!

Come dancing – alone, or with a partner! We love it ... If you don’t, it will be our fault!

Folk/Country/Social Dancing Workshops at Upton School include:
Contra    - Longways dances in the American style, usually done with a relaxed and smooth walk.
Playford   - 17th and 18th century English country dances, or modern dances in the old styles. Lots of formations and steps, musical styles and rhythms. Think Jane Austen!
Square  - Four couples arranged in a square.  Square workshops usually mean American Square danced with a smooth, relaxed walk.
with callers Rhodri Davies; Brenda Godrich; Pete & Marj Hendy; Madeleine Smith
plus Tea Dances,  Evening Dances, Ceilidhs, a Playford Ball and a Eurodance
with music from Asha, Masquerade, Vic Smith & Ruth Rose, Stowfolk, Up Jumped the Devil and Zoot Alors
Appalachian Dance Kay Anderson
Basic Ceilidh Steps Martin Young
Border Morris    Royal Liberty
Cajun Dance  Kay Anderson
Canadian West Coast Stepping The Island Girls
English Clog  Madeleine Smith
European Dances Kerry Fletcher
Irish Step Dance   Rachel McShane
Longsword  Bishop Gundulfs Morris
Salsa for everyone   Salsa South Connection
Zydeco  Kay Anderson

Plus TAPATAK – Rhythms of the World workshops including dance, drum, juggle, song and  poi!  

Penny Allen      /      Anthony John Allen

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