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Subject: Dwyle flunking at the Lewes Arms, Sunday 9th. July, 2.30 pm onwards

Dear Everyone,
The annual fixture between the Lewes Operatic Society and the hop-based life-forms of the front bar will be held at 2.30 pm on Sunday 9th. July. All musicians are not only welcome, but protected by heavy fines from being splashed with stale beer and eligible for bribes in the form of free drinks.
For those of you who have not witnessed this ancient and almost mystical sport, there are two teams of twelve. They dress themselves in bucolic gear and their kit is inspected by the umpire before play begins. Points are deducted for poor turn-out, such as the absence of twirlers (string tied round trouser legs to keep rats out) and excessively flarksy weskits.
The first member of the batting side takes a position next to a bucket of carefully-matured beer in which is a swadger (broom handle) with a dwyle (bar towel) wrapped round the end. At a blast on the umpire's duck whistle, music strikes up and out desperately (that's where you come in) and the members of the fielding team join hands and dance round the batsman in a circle. When the umpire blows again the dancing team must immediately stop, but must not break the circle. The batsman must then immediately flunk the dwyle at any member of the opposing team. He scores one point for a hit on the arms or legs, two for a hit on the body and three for a hit on the head. If he misses, he has to drink a pint straight down in less time than it takes the fielders to pass the swadger from hand to hand round the circle or lose a point.
The batsman may be fined for hesitation; the fielders may be fined for breaking the circle or moving after the whistle. Anyone may be fined for intimidation. A batsman who splashes the band or onlookers is fined. A side whose score is weak can improve it by bribing the umpire, scorer or the band with drink, gifts or sexual favours. One year every member of a team gave the umpire a scented candle, so this is not necessarily as attractive as it might sound. Bribes are declared to the scorer and registered in the score book. At the end of the match the losing side may empty the bucket over the umpire.
This is obviously a pagan survival which has evaded religious persecution by adopting a faintly Christian disguise. Students of folklore will recognise elements from the Grail legends: the Holy Spear, the vinegar-soaked rag and the vessel of bitter drink. The dancers in their circle echo the twelve apostles, but also the members of a coven. The batsman is a sacrificial victim who spreads blessing in the form of a stylised asperging before being despatched for the good of the community. The umpire's fate would have originally been ritual drowning, but appears to have been converted to stylised baptism in accordance with the practices of the more modern religion.
This is a much more venerable and stimulating sporting contest than any other which may be on display before the public at the same time.
(N.B. Not indoors if wet.)
Tootle pip,
Valmai Goodyear
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